Urmet has launched the Max IP Touch, an Android-powered touchscreen video door phone that aims to bring smart home technology control and video intercom into the home via a single touchscreen.

Also suitable for large residential projects, Urmet can deliver the units to installers preloaded with the property developer’s chosen Apps for third-party home automation, such as lighting, heating and window blind control.

The thin, state-of-the-art screen uses swipe and gesture recognition similar to that of a smartphone. Users are able to view and speak with visitors at external door entry panels using the Max IP’s 7-inch colour video screen and duplex audio function. The system also allows call-forwarding to mobile phones via Urmet’s Call2U App when occupants are away from home.

The screen also includes a lift icon that can either call the lift to the resident’s floor or send it to ground level to receive a guest or delivery person. The lift occupant can then only travel to the floor for which they have permission and is prevented from visiting other levels.

This feature is a requirement of Secured by Design (the official UK police flagship supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’) which mandates intelligent lift management. CCTV snapshots and video recording complete Secured by Design compliancy.

Additional key features include a 19mm design, 1024 x 600px screen resolution, two LAN ports, Wi-Fi, RTSP, a 2 megapixel camera, an integrated MIFARE proximity key reader, CCTV functionality with IP cameras and an open-protocol environment

“The Max IP Touch 7-inch screen underlines that our systems are open-protocol environments from which we work with third-party manufacturers on the kind of interfaces that benefit installers and developers, allowing them to install a single day one touchscreen providing the end user communication with the building and an interface to control their smart home,” says Mark Hagger, Urmet’s sales and marketing director.

The new touchscreen is compatible with the Urmet IPervoice range, including CCTV surveillance management and proximity readers.

The Max IP Touch unit can be installed on a wall or be recessed, without compromising building aesthetics. The compact design (width: 208mm x height: 134mm), combined with a wide range of preloaded Apps, enables architects to reduce the number of panel devices that need to be attached to the wall.

The Max IP Touch offers many of the functions of a conventional tablet and allows users to browse the web, send and receive emails and check local weather. There is a micro-SD slot for photos, music and other data storage.

The Max IP Touch has a double LAN port and Wi-Fi, as well as Bluetooth connectivity. A doorbell and programmable alarm inputs are available making the Max the most feature-rich touchscreen offered by Urmet.

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