As design professionals expect more versatility from their building systems, Lutron Electronics introduces an improved Athena lighting control system, offering designers and facility managers a cloud-connected dashboard that supports better business decisions. With the upgraded Athena system, designers have a single system that allows them to do more, delivers building management insights, and continues to add value over time.

New, cloud-connected dashboard enables data-driven decisions

The Athena dashboard is analytical software that visualises complex occupancy and energy data in intuitive reports and makes them easily accessible to inform business decisions and occupant-friendly lighting adjustments. Designed to be cloud-connected, the Athena dashboard offers automatic and continuous updates.

“Today’s design projects are often fast-tracked, which can have a profound impact on project teams and schedules. We need systems that simplify data analytics, facilitate important building insights, and eliminate unnecessary headaches.” comments Cecilia Ramos, Senior Director, Lutron Electronics.

Using the new Athena dashboard, building owners and managers can access the system data they need to make business decisions that enhance the value of their properties. The new dashboard offers system-level analytics and the ability to access all your properties in a single view. It complements the companion Athena app (now available on both Android and Apple devices), which continues to offer localised control and programming of lighting and automated blinds. With cloud connectivity, the dashboard will gain new features and capabilities with continuous software updates.

Advanced, intuitive reporting allows the building management team to:

• Manage multiple buildings from any major browser.

• Use the floor plan view to see how different areas of a space are performing visually.

• Monitor patterns of occupancy to make real-estate decisions with space utilisation reports.

• Access energy usage data to minimise CO2 emissions and support net zero goals.

• Look at live data or historical trends daily, weekly, yearly, and in custom time ranges.

• Easily export data in a number of formats to create custom reports.

A system that keeps getting better

In an era when building technology can struggle to keep up with the pace of innovation, the connected Athena system will continue to become more valuable and more flexible over time.

“Connected lighting control is the way of the future. As networked control systems become more robust, with additional features and capabilities, Lutron customers expect their systems to evolve in stride, as seamlessly as today’s smart phones do. The Lutron Athena system features cloud-connectivity to become smarter, nimbler, and even more valuable over time.” says Miguel Aguado, Marketing and Technology Manager, Lutron Electronics.

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