Twickenham Stadium has been upgraded just in time for the Rugby World Cup 2015, with Tripleplay’s technology a key component of the refurbishment.

The RFU spent £76 million on the overhaul which encompassed everything from replacing the stadium seats, new changing rooms, gym and medical facilities, additional public bars and toilets and, of course, an upgrade to the stadium’s media facilities.

Ahead of the Rugby World Cup, the stadium owners wanted to ensure that it deployed technology strategically to improve fan experience, enhance fan engagement and create brand value.

Through its investment in digital technology infrastructure, the RFU has been able to digitally connect and enhance engagement with the fans on match day.

Part of this strategy was to install two 169sqm screens suspended from the roof. These screens have the ability to show high-quality live video, instant replays and can even be divided into multiple sections to show a range of different content.

Removing the old screens found at the stadium, the RFU has been able to increase the total capacity it can hold. 82,000 rugby fans can now experience a rugby game at the world famous stadium.

To control and create the content for these new screens, the RFU created a new AV control room which allows coordination through the IPTV system allowing different content to be broadcast into different areas of the stadium from the big screens, the LED boards and Samsung digital display screens placed throughout the stadium. These screens show a range of content from point of sale information to match day action.

Tripleplay’s technology is powering the new system; making it possible to broadcast targeted messages to key audiences throughout the stadium.

The RFU’s IT Operations Manager, Mike Morris comments: “As part of Twickenham’s Connected Stadium project, upgrades to the existing digital infrastructure was a key component to achieving success in delivering a state of the art stadium.

“Through installation of 700 Samsung digital displays, IPTV and digital signage we now have the capability to deliver relevant, targeted messaging throughout the stadium from partner campaigns to stadium information.

“This cohesive approach ultimately benefits the fans’ experience at Twickenham on a match day.”

The RFU wants to take full advantage of the capabilities of the Tripleplay Digital Signage and IPTV system to take maximum advantage of the screens they are delivering to.

Mike continues: “Through the screen L-wrap facility, we can now tailor messaging and screen content for each game and for each screen, combining live TV with graphical overlays.

“This allows us to offer fans a unique experience every time they come to Twickenham. We simply did not have capacity to do this previously.

“The Tripleplay solution also allows us to broadcast HD content to our 700 Samsung digital display screens placed throughout the stadium, again which ultimately benefits our fans as they can view HD match day content.”

With the initial phase of the digital signage and IPTV deployment in place and being utilised on match days The RFU has begun looking at how it can harness the platform for future use.

This includes plans to deliver live action replays, live food and beverage stock details on digital menu boards and queue busting messaging on public bar screens, allowing the venue to maximise revenue generation by reducing waiting times before, during and after the game.

Mike concludes: “Tripleplay have been flexible and professional in their approach to working with the RFU in delivering IPTV and Digital signage throughout the stadium.

“Throughout the installation process Tripleplay provided ongoing support and advice with regards to how to maximise delivery of content to the digital display screens.

“Tripleplay is a very agile business and have always met the project brief, working closely with the RFU to deliver a cohesive system that will ensure those coming to Twickenham on a match day will have the best experience possible.”

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