Designer and manufacturer of video and multimedia processing equipment, tvONE is using ISE to demonstrate new feature enhancements to the CORIOmaster & CORIOmaster mini.

The C3-540 CORIOmaster and C3-510 CORIOmaster mini offer a new, more efficient approach to building video display arrays.

tvONE says its CORIO3 technology gives designers and users access to unexplored realms of video processing power, delivering true power to the technical and imaginative minds driving today’s creative and dynamic video wall exhibits.

Two major advances in the CORIOmaster system, including live video window transitions and custom output resolutions will be shown.

Using the live video window transitions, users can create dynamic visual effects on source windows, such as grow, shrink, fade through black, spin or flip as sources change or move in and out of the visible area.

“With the addition of these dynamic transitions, CORIOmaster becomes a great option for live events or real-time broadcast environments,” says Frithjof Becker, EMEA sales director for tvONE. “We are extremely excited to demonstrate this new power for the AV community.”

A new resolution editor has also been developed to allow each output to be set up for custom, user-defined resolutions, allowing CORIOmaster to be used as a video wall processing solution for a vast array of LED and custom display products.

The resolution editor allows for custom resolutions to be created and uploaded into the unit to be used as input or output resolutions.

This benefits the efficient power of CORIOmaster and CORIOgrapher to displays of almost any resolution including many tile-based LED systems.

New resolutions can be created through the units API commands for each output or created by using the updated CORIOdiscover App on initial system installation and then selected by the user for each output and auto detected as an input resolution.

The CORIOdiscover App, which is also new at this year’s ISE, allows the user to log into a unit to update the firmware, change communications settings and create new custom resolutions that can be used as an input or output resolution.

The App runs independently of CORIOgrapher to aid in initial setup of the unit during installation.

Communication and firmware updates can also be made through CORIOgrapher.

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