Large touchscreen displays are anything but affordable. Solutions such as the Microsoft Surface Hub and InFocus Mondopad can cost up to £16,269 – making a company-wide roll-out a bitter pill to swallow. Touchjet believes that it has a solution however, with the Touchjet WAVE promising to convert any flatscreen TV into a touchscreen.

The Touchjet WAVE is an Android tablet system that allows people to use mobile apps across a much larger surface area for easier sharing. It combines an infrared camera with a proprietary algorithm that simulates the position signal into a ‘touch’ interaction on the Android system. It works with any flatscreen TV up to 65in and is designed as a more cost effective solution for businesses wanting to roll-out large touchscreens.

“It’s the most cost effective large touch screen solution that is one size fits all (up to 65in flatscreen TV).  This kind of technology is usually built in to the actual screen itself, pushing the cost up into the thousands, but by incorporating the Touchjet WAVE as a non-intrusive add on to any regular flatscreen, we are able to provide the same functionality as a giant touchscreen at a fraction of the cost,” notes Helen Thomas, chairman, co-founder and CEO at Touchjet.

The Touchjet Wave may not be as robust as an integrated solution, but the company has developed a 180° laser module that should help detect human fingers on a regular TV screen with pinpoint accuracy.

Helen adds: “The camera detects the break across the series of interconnecting lasers to accurately map touch, and an additional advanced algorithm is in place that makes up for any distortion created from scaling up from the tablet to a larger screen.”

In addition to the hardware touchscreen solution, the Touchjet App turns the iPhone and Android smartphone into a smart remote control so that users can launch apps on the WAVE, use it as a mouse to play games, as well as a keyboard and microphone. The Touchjet App can be used with other Smart Android TVs with an integration.

Customers can also download Touchjet Present for free to use in conjunction with WAVE, which means users can wirelessly share and annotate on presentations, so that meeting notes and documents can be seen across multiple devices simultaneously. This means as well as all participants sharing a larger screen, their handwritten note details can be captured across all individual devices – with a full summary provided by the software after every meeting.

Unlike bulky units such as the Microsoft Surface Hub, installing a Touchjet WAVE is supposedly easy. “It takes about 5-10 minutes of the first time with installation tool and laser alignment indicator included in the kit.  Once you understand how it works, it may only take a couple minutes to move and reinstall it,” Helen claims.

Unfortunately the Touchjet WAVE doesn’t yet have a UK distributor, meaning installers wanting to grab one will not be able to do so through their usual channels. The company is offering the product direct, although pricing is only available in USD (not ideal given the current exchange rate).

Pricing has been set at $299.99, with an additional $30 for international shipping.

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