Welsh not-for-profit company Bay Leisure operates three Simply Gym facilities; in Llansamlet, Gorseinon and Cwmbran. The latter opened in January this year and features a Yamaha CIS audio system, supplied and installed by Swansea-based Total Sound Solutions.

“The client brief was that the system had to deliver a full, even sound throughout the gym, but without having massive, ugly-looking 12” drivers,” explains Total Sound Solutions chief executive Chris Hooke. “The way the music sounds is vital to the gym experience. The Yamaha VXS8, eight-inch loudspeaker impressed us because we saw that it would deliver the required full-range sound, but be aesthetically very discreet.

“The client is an existing one; we’ve done work on three of their other sites but this was the first site where we integrated the Synergy system into the package.”

The system in question comprises 12 VSX8 wall-mounted loudspeakers and eight VSC6 ceiling speakers, powered by two XMV4140 amplifiers, with routing and signal processing from an MTX3 digital matrix mixer.

It is used for general background music throughout the gym and is split into five zones, which are remote controlled via DCP4V4S and DCP1V4S wall-mounted units.

Two inputs are used, one from a SoundJack music subscription service, the other from a ShowCAD-based computer running videos in conjunction with a Life Fitness Synrgy360 equipment system.

“We chose Yamaha CIS products because of the appearance, sound quality and cost-effectiveness to the customer,” Chris explains. “Being able to link the MTX3 directly to the amplifiers via Cat5 cable for a fully digital connection means the entire system sounds like a dream. It was very simple to programme and we were impressed by how the loudspeakers came with everything needed, including brackets that work both horizontally and vertically to overcome any fixing issues.

“The project was fairly simple in turns of background music, but it had to have the option that when the synergy system was active, the speakers in the same zone had to either mute or change input source in order to match the synergy music – this of course can only be done with a digital controller,” he points out.

“The wall controllers’ ease of use and being able to communicate directly with the system from our office meant that snagging and fault finding during the commissioning process took seconds and any issues were resolved in minutes. Once the system was set up it has worked faultlessly. The customer has been very happy with the whole experience.

“This was our first Yamaha installation,” Chris admits. “But I’m sure there will be plenty more; it was very positive. The flexible of the speakers and control was easy and the team loved the fact that when you opened the speaker box, it came with every accessory for installing, even down to the safety chain.

“Personally, I think that the best part is the speakers – small, fashionable in look, yet the sound reproduced is beyond what we expected from an 8” speaker.”

Chris explains that the client’s favourite part of the install is the fact that it’s all controlled from one wall plate, adding that they have been able to scrap the old analogue way of manually doing things.  “They also like that they can just ring us and we dial in and correct any issues or make volume limit alterations without having to waste time driving an hour to the venue.”

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