By Gergely Vida – CEO at Lightware Visual Engineering

Lightware is Europe’s largest manufacturer of AV management products. Its European team of over 150 engineers, system designers, integrators, and AV experts has been operating successfully for over 25 years. We focus on delivering intuitive technology for AV users and professionals through pioneering devices that support their work styles. This focus resulted in the Taurus UCX switcher, developed in 2021.

As the world has moved towards remote work due to the recent pandemic, the demand for reliable and feature-rich AV equipment and infrastructure has surged. With video conferencing being the new normal, meetings have to be efficient and productive. They have to provide equal meeting engagement of remote and on-premises employees and remove any challenges that both categories are likely to experience when collaborating, such as poor audio, insufficient video, or connectivity issues. However, meeting room equipment can often lead to inefficiencies, frustration, and time wastage for both types of participants. One of the major challenges of setting up a meeting room is connecting multiple devices to the audio-visual system to maintain seamless and versatile connectivity and availability of data, video, and audio for both in-room participants and remote workers. To address this challenging task, we offer a matrix switcher, a device that enables multiple audio and video inputs to be distributed to multiple outputs. In this whitepaper, I will discuss the role of matrix switchers in creating next-generation meeting spaces that enable efficient collaboration of both remote workers and their on-premises colleagues, and how Lightware’s Taurus UCX – powered by USB-C technology – can improve the productivity of corporations that embrace remote workstyle.

The need for matrix switchers

With the prevalence of video conferencing, meeting rooms require efficient and versatile audio-visual solutions. Matrix switchers are the most reliable and scalable solution that can enable multiple devices to be connected to the audio-visual system. With matrix switchers, one can route audio and video signals from any source to any display device. In addition, matrix switchers offer flexibility in managing multiple video and audio inputs and outputs. As a result, it eliminates the need for constant unplugging and reconnecting of devices.

The benefits of TAURUS UCX

Lightware’s Taurus UCX is a universal UCC switcher that provides a seamless audio-visual experience in meetings. The Taurus UCX is a device that can connect up to four devices to a single display with a single USB-C cable. This means that users can switch between multiple devices, without the need for complex installations or additional cables. Taurus UCX is an intuitive and versatile solution that offers easy setup, an intuitive control panel, and remote management capabilities.

USB-C technology

USB-C technology has become the standard for modern devices, thanks to its flexibility and versatility. Taurus UCX is powered by USB-C technology, which enables users to connect multiple devices with a single cable. It provides reliable data transfer rates, charging capabilities, and support for multiple display formats. With USB-C, users can connect their laptops with a single cable.

BYOD and BYOM compatibility

One of the major advantages of Taurus UCX is its compatibility with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM). With BYOD compatibility, participants can present from their own devices. This provides flexibility and convenience for participants and reduces the burden on support teams. With BYOM compatibility, Taurus UCX allows seamless connectivity across various unified communication and collaboration platforms, including Cisco, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and others. This simplifies switching between video conference sources and enables the use of the meeting room assets, such as video cameras, microphones, keyboards, and mice. With the room peripherals available for the host device, such as personal laptops or room PCs, the system provides enhanced visibility and sound for the remote workers – they can properly hear and see their in-room colleagues, and stay engaged and effective during the meeting session.

The Lightware Advanced Room Automation (LARA) firmware of Taurus UCX enables users to intuitively control and manage UCC room assets and facilities like lights, drapes, HVAC, etc. LARA helps instantaneously start meetings and launch scenarios, which contributes to the entire productivity of corporate teams that include on-premises and remote colleagues.

The cost savings provided by Taurus UCX

Inefficient meeting rooms can lead to a significant loss of time and money. With Taurus UCX, meetings are more efficient and productive, leading to cost savings. For instance, if we assume that a 15% technological difficulty in a meeting room leads to a net loss of 300 hours per meeting room per year, this can lead to a deficit of $300 per hour for a mid-level management meeting with six people – various studies say. This equates to a loss of $90,000 per year. By investing in Taurus UCX, organisations can improve overall productivity and save money by providing easy and instantaneous connectivity for the source and peripherals, and maintain a 100% uptime of the meeting room technology.

In conclusion, the role of matrix switchers is vital in creating next-generation workspaces for remote workers. With the increasing need for flexible and efficient collaboration tools, Taurus UCX provides an unparalleled level of audio-visual experience in meetings. Its advanced technology ensures crystal-clear audio and video quality, allowing for seamless communication and collaboration. The Taurus UCX is BYOD and BYOM compatible, which allows for flexibility and convenience, reducing pressure on support teams. With seamless connectivity across various video conferencing applications, switching between different sources depending on the needs of a particular meeting is simplified. In addition, its user-friendly interface and LARA firmware make it easy to set up, configure, and use, providing intuitive control and remote management without deep programming knowledge.

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