The Christie Spyder X80 video processor successfully relayed all the signals to the big screen at the Schneider Electric Innovation Summit, the energy management company’s main international event, recently held in Barcelona.

Over its 14 editions so far, the annual symposium has been held in cities like Hong Kong, Paris, Singapore and Atlanta, and this year it hosted over 3000 industry experts and leaders from all over the world at CCIB (Centro de Convenciones Internacional de Barcelona), where they were able to discuss and share the latest advances, challenges and opportunities to strengthen and digitalize the economy.

And so, for the space of two days, Barcelona became the world capital in issues dealing with innovation, transformation digital and sustainability.

The screen in question, installed in the main auditorium at the Summit, was an impressive LED display with 2.6mm pixel pitch measuring a whopping 36 x 6 metres which it covered with a mind-boggling 13824 x 2304 pixels, which is to say a total of 31 million pixels.

To power such a high volume of pixels with the best quality possible, Dushow Barcelona, the audiovisual services company in charge of mounting the event, used a Christie Spyder X80 with 24 inputs and 16 outputs and an unmatched processing power of 80 megapixels, true 4K resolution and 60Hz.

“Up until this event, there was no other equipment on the market able to power that amount of 4K inputs and outputs with one single processor, without the need to link several together,” pointed out Riad El Abed, technical director of Dushow Barcelona, before adding “and that is without compromising the slightest in levels of performance, flexibility and functionality.”

The screen was used to show videos, PPT presentations and animations related with the impact of new technologies in energy and in automation processes. The Spyder X80 was able to handle multiple PIPs and windows, using five outputs for the screen and 11 outputs for the rest of the system.

Riad El Abed also wished to underscore some of the Spyder’s other features: “It lets you have multiple pixel spaces coming from a combination of sources and with countless purposes, ranging from simple displays, as well as videowalls, flat panels and all kinds of projections.”

He added: “Another functionality worth highlighting is that it allows you to create presets, which affords greater flexibility in programming, and it also has two levels of presets, absolute and relative. And we were also impressed with just how easy it is to migrate from the Spyder X20 to the X80”.

Its maker claims the Christie Spyder X80 is the most powerful multi-screen windowing processor and content management solution available. Engineered with direct feedback from users to meet their exacting performance and reliability requirements, the Spyder X80 has been designed specifically for applications requiring a massive volume of pixels between source and display and with the highest levels of performance, flexibility and functionality possible.

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