Tesla Motors’ latest office in the heart of the Dutch city of Tilburg can now boast being on the cutting edge of technology, much like the company’s line-up of vehicles. That’s thanks to a recent installation of a Crestron automation system courtesy of Dutch smart building specialist JNV.

In the heart of Tesla’s DNA is energy efficiency. That rings true with the company’s Dutch office as well. JNV worked closely with the developer Dok Vast in order to match the client’s requirements for the building’s AV, energy, management and control systems to match its ethos of environmental efficiency and energy saving.

Dok Vast specialises in creating sustainable and functional distribution environments. The company believes that sustainable buildings are the future and in order to deliver them, functionality, comfort and technology are key considerations.

In this case its client, Tesla Motors, was in need of an office and building environment that reflected its company philosophy of low-energy and environmentally-efficient solutions. JNV developed a solution using Crestron DigitalMedia, five 3-Series Control Processors and Fusion RV at its core to deliver a system-independent building App to efficiently control and manage the entire building environment.

The comprehensive system encompassed all building services, integrated into one easy to manage, Internet enabled system. The system communicates with the DALI lighting and Modbus systems and is presented on Crestron touch panels and mobile devices.

JNV’s Crestron solution provides control and insight into all building related installations, including the current consumption of electricity, gas, water, as well as data on energy provided by renewable systems such as PV panels and grey water systems.

The Tesla Motors installation led to JNV receiving a 2016 Crestron Integration Award, which dubbed it the ‘Ultimate Crestron Project’.

The company installed a Crestron Fusion RV system which allows the building occupants to monitor and manage all spaces within the complex. It offers a raft of features including allowing users to view room and device statuses from the web-based user interface, remote control and chat with rooms via the built-in help desk and create reports showing room usage and setting up alerts to receive email alerts when a display is offline. In addition, it enables the user to automatically ticket, manage and follow up certain outages and system failures.

The integration of all services has enabled the building complex to operate at optimum efficiency and the project has received a BREEAM score of 91.22% or 5 stars, equivalent to ‘Outstanding’.

“JNV’s solution is future-proof and costs the client very little in energy expenses. It offers multi functionality, flexibility and a high level of comfort”, explains Jos Klanderman, director at Dok Vast BV.

In addition to the Fusion RV installation, the roof is prepared for installation of 40,000m2 solar panels, to be fitted in the near future. The entire building is equipped with 100% automatic dimming LED lighting, a gas heat pump for the offices, motion sensors and daylight control. This all is managed by the JNV App, which controls all independent systems in one central interface, presented on touch panels and mobile devices.  All independent systems are connected to each other using the Fusion interface created by JNV.

The use of sustainable materials and the Crestron control system resulted in an energy neutral building which has reduced the building’s energy consumption by approximately 60%.

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