Following the launch of its fourth generation projector enclosures, Tempest has announced its new fourth generation lighting enclosure family.

The latest generation of enclosures – comprising Tornado G4 and Tornado Marine G4 – takes the Tornado design and adds a host of enhancements and additional sizes to accommodate any moving head available.

“Our G4 lighting enclosure family offers unbeatable protection,” says Tim Burnham, president of Tempest.

“Thanks to our wealth of experience, we have been able to create the finest general purpose lighting enclosure family to safeguard your lighting investment. Thousands of our Tornado enclosures are in daily use in every climate type there is, from the frozen North to the tropics and deserts, in theme parks, resorts, attractions and cruise ships. With G4 we have managed to build on this solid existing design with a series of enhancements and additions to benefit our customers, including data logging and monitoring, and our best ever salt fog protection in the Marine versions.”

Tornado G4 now offers DEC4 control, with a choice of RS485 (RDM) or Ethernet monitoring, with web-based monitoring coming soon.

Its aluminium, stainless steel and acrylic construction provides corrosion resistance in any climate and powerful fans change the air every 1-2 seconds in the enclosure when the luminaire is on, maintaining a cool operating environment and optimising equipment and lamp life.

The updated variable speed fans only blow as hard as needed to maintain ideal temperature, ensuring a longer fan life as well as reducing noise. Additional sizes have also been added, which have been tailored for the latest generation of high-efficiency moving lights.

Tornado Marine is supposedly the only lighting enclosure in the world designed to protect automated luminaires from weather, condensation and salt fog. Tornado Marine is specifically designed for cruise ships and beachside resort locations, where salt air corrosion is a major hazard. Its hydrophobic HEPA filter prevents ingress of moisture and moisture-born contaminants such as salt or chlorine. A positive pressure environment is maintained using variable speed fans when the luminaire is not running, preventing contaminants entering through the exhaust path.

Tempest’s Goldilocks Operating System keeps the air temperature inside the enclosure optimal, removing heat from the luminaire when the lamp is on or when the enclosure is heated by the sun. Goldilocks uses heaters to maintain a minimum temperature in cold climates.

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