Tempest has announced a brand-new projector enclosure dubbed the Metro, which is specifically designed to tackle challenging public space environments, including stations, airports and subway systems.

Metro meets stringent safety criteria demanded by such environments, and features an inner IP65-rated enclosure, with a one-hour fire rating. The design also incorporates the latest counter flow heat exchanger technology which isolates internal and external airflows to deliver decent cooling performance.

“With the advent of laser phosphor video projectors, the economics of projection for advertising and information in public spaces have been transformed, with projection becoming a viable option for these areas due to tumbling maintenance costs,” says Tim Burnham, president of Tempest.

“We have addressed a demand for enclosures in this area by painstakingly creating an all-new enclosure to satisfy stringent safety criteria and enable 24/7 projection in stations, subways and other safety-critical environments. As well as encompassing all of our industry knowhow, Metro features a host of design innovations which has allowed us to create an enclosure capable of delivering in this challenging environment.”

Tempest has partnered with leading Swedish heat exchanger specialists Heatex to design a highly efficient counter flow heat exchanger capable of cooling loads of up to 2,000W in ambient temperatures as high as 40°C. Fans pass ambient air over an array of specially formed aluminium plates at high velocity, removing the heat from the projector from the internal, recirculating airflow on the other side of the plates.

Metro features a strong aluminium outer enclosure – which can be finished in any RAL powder coat colour – and an inner IP65 projector enclosure that slides out for easy service access. Tempest’s DEC4 enclosure controller may be networked using either RS485 or Ethernet, allowing comprehensive monitoring of all environmental and electrical status information, including individual fan condition reporting, as well as remote configuration and firmware upgrades.

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