Based in Helsinki, Suomen Videoviestintä SVV Oy is an expert audiovisual company that specialises in light, sound and visual solutions for concerts, corporate functions and trade fairs.

These events require a suitably big presentation format, however getting digital images to large screens can sometimes have negative effects on the quality of the images.

To tackle this, Suomen Videoviestintä SVV Oy recently invested in AV Stumpfl’s upgraded Wings Engine Raw 8K media server, adding to its expansive inventory.

“Our clients are increasingly demanding higher resolution images and media servers,” explains Daniel Richert, technical coordinator at Suomen Videoviestintä SVV Oy. “The Wings Engine Raw 8K has met all our needs wonderfully and we are very impressed with the beautiful colour detail on a large screen without compromising the data or the image.

“We will make good use of it in projects such as St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and Nordic Business Forum; they require that best media serving and high impact presentations.”

“We developed Wings Engine Raw especially for premium picture quality applications and we’re delighted that Suomen Videovistintä SVV Oy are using our technology for large scale presentations,” comments Tobias Stumpfl, CEO of AV Stumpfl.

AV Stumpfl provided training to the company at its new Campus in Wallern and its service and support team will available 24/7 for Suomen Videoviestintä.

The Wings Engine Raw 8K is capable of processing and delivering video content at the full 4:4:4 colour sampling at 60fps to reduce pixelation and make the colours blend together more seamlessly, therefore avoiding compression issues.

Wings Engine Raw 8K also automatically transforms the source colour profiles of images into any destination colour space in realtime, thus cutting out the need to try and match the profiles in advance.

It also produces frames to install between existing frames if the original content source has been produced in a lower frame, therefore giving the image a smoother blending.

Not to mention it features the new WingsRX, which is AV Stumpfl’s most advanced software platform to date.


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