Sony has introduced the largest ever addition to its professional line-up, targeting corporate environments such as high end meeting rooms, boardrooms and entrance halls with the launch.

The product in question is the 100in Bravia FWD-100ZD9501, which – according to the manufacturer – offers more depth, texture and realism than any of its predecessors due to a newly developed 4K image processor, the 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme and a unique backlight technology, Backlight Master Drive. These are said to create ‘extremely accurate’ wide colour expression.

In fact, the new 4K Processor X1 Extreme is 40% more powerful than its predecessor, while the new Backlight Master Drive has been optimised to deliver ‘unprecedented’ dynamic range with ‘incredibly deep’ blacks.

Upgraded to a 16GB storage memory, the technology-packed model lets the viewer enjoy the full potential of 4K HDR. The FWD-100ZD9501 also features a 17-hour operation time and enhanced user controls for easy configuration and set-up, including the ability for presenters to remotely control the display with IP and a built-in RS232 jack input.

Further built-in professional features include landscape / portrait options, integrated digital signage and media players, as well as meeting room and security solutions.

The 10in model will be launched in October 2016, featuring a premium gold finish and a back panel grid design that keeps all the cables completely hidden.

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