A non-profit organisation that’s committed to presenting the work of leading Danish press photographers, PixlArt, imagined an artistic platform where different subjects and genres are given the time and space to tell their own unique story.

Housed in a former Baptist church in the northern village of Østervrå, the gallery has installed a selection of FW-65X8570C (65in), FW-75X8570C (75in) and FWD-85X9600P (85in) Sony Bravia screens, equipping the gallery with state-of-the-art technology that can accurately depict the finest details and emotional qualities of each photograph.

As the world is becoming increasingly digital, it is still the norm for galleries and museums exhibit photographs overwhelmingly as analogue prints.

This reliance on traditional techniques means that only a selected few images out of a larger collection end up being displayed to the audience.

PixlArt wanted to overcome these limitations by showing digital collections in their entirety.

It’s not just the winning image of a photo competition that can be presented, but every entrant.

Images are displayed to visitors in a continuous loop and the digital presentation also allows shows to be altered instantly, with no time needed to re-hang prints.

The spacious rooms at PixlArt also feature two large screens measuring 3x8m, together with another screen of 4x3m.

A pair of VPL-VW300ES 4K projectors beam punchy, high-contrast images onto the larger screens, with a single projector serving the smaller screen.

Sony says the BRAVIA screens used are ideal for art applications; delivering 4K images with four times the resolution of full HD.

High contrast and rich colours bring each photographer’s creative vision to life, while the efficient LED back-light keeps running costs down.

PixlArt also goes out on the road, displaying photo works to audiences at festivals and popular holiday destinations around Denmark.

For this touring exhibition, PixlArt chose 75in FW-75X8570C 4K BRAVIA displays that are installed in mobile shipping containers.

The gallery has reportedly been a huge success, attracting art enthusiasts and students while boosting the local economy.

“Although we knew that Sony was the right solution for PixlArt, we were surprised by the high quality delivered by their products” says Tao Lytzen, press photographer and board member of PixlArt. “Pioneering work is usually challenging and filled with obstacles. We were taken aback how easy it’s been to implement world-class photography with the help of Sony.”

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