Sony’s Crystal LED display system is not just winning customers, but it’s also being recognised by the Society for Information Display (SID) as one of the organisation’s 2019 Display Industry Award (DIA) winners for Display of the Year. DIA recipients were honoured during an awards luncheon held on May 15 as part of Display Week.

Winning displays were determined as those with the most significant technological advances and outstanding features. DIAs are awarded each year in three categories: Display of the Year, Display Application of the Year, and Display Component of the Year. Winners are chosen by a panel of experts who evaluate nominees for their degree of technical innovation and commercial significance, in addition to their potential for a positive social impact.

“This is quite an honour for our Crystal LED display system, which offers an unprecedented visual experience with high brightness and contrast performance, as well as blur-free and crisp moving images,” said Toru Suzuki, Deputy Senior General Manager, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc.

“SID is highly respected in the display industry, and we’re thrilled that our Crystal LED display system is among the technologies recognised. The display system has already seen demand from a number of advanced companies and leading broadcasters looking to inspire their customers and audiences. We will continuously work to further enhance the immersive experience our Crystal LED displays create.”

“We are honoured to receive this prestigious award, which recognises Sony’s many years of challenges that went into developing micro LED and its unique driving technology, seamless tiling ability, and manufacturing system contributed to the display industry,” said Hisashi Kadota, General Manager, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation.

“We would like to share our great joy with all our colleagues in R&D, product design and manufacturing who led to the success of this long-term project. We firmly commit to make efforts for the continued development of the best display that delivers an immersive and compelling viewing experience.”

“Anyone that has seen our Crystal LED technology for themselves knows how impressive, immersive and completely breath-taking the experience is,” said Damien Weissenburger, Head of Corporate & Education, Sony Professional Solutions Europe

“Everyone at Sony is incredibly proud and humbled that SID has recognised Crystal LED for what it is: the next-generation of display technology offering spectacular brightness, vivid colours and extraordinary picture quality all around.”

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