Sony is introducing six new 4K BRAVIA Professional Displays to meet demand on high-resolution displays. The company already enjoys a 30% marketshare (according to Futuresource Consulting) in the 4K B2B market in Europe, but it admits that demand for 4K is growing rapidly.

Leveraging its 4K knowledge from its consumer line-up, Sony’s latest displays are designed to demonstrate the company’s unique value proposition, as well as offer all the tech now available in its TVs. That includes technologies such as HDR and its TRILUMINOS display, both of which promise richer and a greater number of colours.

Sony has upgraded to a 16GB storage memory and made these displays twice as powerful as their predecessors with a X1 processor, in addition it has refined both the image and audio quality.

As these displays are designed for the professional market, rather than for consumers, Sony says that the six displays all boast a 17-hour operation time and even includes new built-in professional solutions and landscape/portrait options.

Sony is keen to highlight the most important feature of these displays however, which is the 4K resolution.

Research from Futuresource Consulting (July 2015) predicts that in 2018, 4K 60” flat panels will account for 80% of the consumer flat panel market, while corporate and education markets are expected to lead the adoption of 4K, due to the rising demand for large screen sizes.

Sony has witnessed this large increase in adoption from companies who are not only keen to future proof their presentation solutions, but also keen to enhance communication, by providing their staff with, what Sony calls, ‘a more inspiring and innovative way of working’. For example, global professional services firm Deloitte used more than one hundred BRAVIA 4K professional displays at ‘The Edge’; it’s Amsterdam HQ that was named the world’s most sustainable office.

This rise in demand is partly due to the challenge faced by organisations to keep their audiences engaged, with impactful and impressive presentations or signage. These new BRAVIA screens have been developed with this in mind, with the range of screen sizes and increase in processing power making it easier for businesses to deliver critical real-time messaging to wide spread audiences.

These six new BRAVIA displays have been introduced to cater for a range of applications and customer needs, for example: signage and the corporate and security markets.

Sony’s digital signage platform includes the TDM Digital Signage feature, which gives users the tools to create interactive signage and action based signage.

Sony’s BRAVIA solutions also include the addition of touch overlays, built-in meeting-room solutions and built-in smart automation systems.

In addition to this, BRAVIA B2B Displays promise to deliver energy savings and lower running costs overall, with virtually no maintenance needed due the claimed low failure rate.

Flexible connectivity for Android and Google Cast options opens up the opportunities for use across a range of industries, with a built-in signage platform, built-in control system, 17/7 operation and RS232 and IP control.

Supporting customers after the purchasing process, Sony’s service warranty proposition offers a three-year warranty that provides users with new solutions rather than repairs.

All models feature 4K technology and the screen sizes range from 43in to 85in. The new model numbers include: FW-43XD8001, FW-49XD8001, FW-55XD8501, FW-65XD8501, FW-75XD8501, FW-85XD8501.

“Building on the success of our industry leading B2B displays, we’re thrilled to announce our new BRAVIA models, offering the unique benefits of detailed, crystal clear picture quality coupled with flexible and reliable professional features. These new 4K displays equip businesses and organisations with the powerful tools needed to make an impression and captivate audiences, through impactful imagery, with the added benefits of cost and energy savings,” says Thomas Issa, product manager for B2B Displays at Sony Professional Solutions Europe.

“We intend to keep our position as a market leader in B2B, and the best way to do this is to continue to listen to our customers and develop solutions that anticipate their needs, as we have done successfully over the past three years. Sony’s strategy is the most unique on the market, always placing ultimate value at the forefront of our offering.”

The new 75in model is available now; the 55in, 65in and 85in will be launched in May and the 43in and 49in models during the summer 2016.

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