Auro Technologies, a Belgium-based immersive audio technology company, are partnering with Sonic City Studios to upgrade its current facilities in Holland, becoming a certified Auro-3D audio post production music studio.

Amsterdam-based Sonic City Studios recently opened its facilities as part of the famous Abbey Road Institute’s European campus expansion, and is offering music producers the opportunity to mix in full immersive sound by implementing an Auro-3D PMC sound system.

Due to the combination of mixing technology and a 10.1 speaker layout, theAuro-3D concept, developed by Auro Technologies, allows producers to create a natural immersive sound experience.

Auro-3D can give the listeners a live music sensation through acoustic reflections, generated and heard similarly to how they are produced in real-life—capturing the sense of sound originating from both above and around the listener.

“It is an honour to be partnering with Sonic City Studios to help offer a new level of immersive sound mixing for its engineers and Abbey Road Institute students,” said Wilfried Van Baelen, CEO of Auro Technologies and inventor of the Auro-3D format. “This heightened emotional experience created by Auro-3D reaches the subconscious in a deep and impactful way and can enhance the listener’s experience.”

Immersive audio experience

Van Baelen continued: “Today’s partnership clearly demonstrates the support that Auro Technologies is getting from producers and artists across Europe as we enable them to create high-definition immersive audio experiences. We are looking forward to welcoming a new generation of audio engineers that will be educated and made familiar with the Auro-3D format once they graduate.”

Robin Reumers, co-owner and chief engineer of Sonic City Studios, said: “We decided to install an Auro-3D speaker layout because it has the best compatibility of all the formats available. We implemented custom panning modifications to our Neve VR and have chosen a combination of PMC IB2S and PMC TwoTwo8 speakers, combined with a Dangerous Music 10.1 Monitor control. As a state-of-the-art audio production facility, we strive to offer the latest recording and mixing hardware, software and instruments. We are committed to excellence in every aspect of music production and we provide our student engineers and customers with the tools to create the highest quality audio experience.”

School of rock

Aside from being a fully equipped recording facility, Sonic City Studios hosts the Amsterdam campus of the international music production school – Abbey Road Institute – the educational initiative from Abbey Road Studios in London, offering an Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering.

The studio provides students with the highest standard of theoretical teaching mixed with a unique approach to studio education. By implementing the Auro-3D format, students will be able to obtain great insight into 3D spatial audio and will be provided with relevant industry experience in developing projects in immersive audio.

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