Sonance has appointed Intermark in Rome as distributor for the Professional Series and 100V product lines within the Italian market.

Working alongside the manufacturer’s existing distribution partner Audioclub, which will retain focus on the residential CI market, Intermark will focus on the commercial sector with its channel partners, consultant relationships and authorised integrators. 

Intermark is a specialist distributor established in 1972, representing complementary lines including AMX, Televic Conference, Signify and Wolfvision, servicing the corporate, education, government, hospitality, retail and marine markets.  

“I am delighted to add the Sonance commercial products to my family of quality brands; these loudspeakers are a great fit with our existing lines, and we are looking forward to delivering them to customers and friends in the Italian market,” said Intermark Sistemi MD, Fabio Concezzi.

“Sonance certainly dispels the perception that only low impedance speakers can provide quality sound. The speakers offer both low and high impedance connectivity, and sound quality isn’t the deciding factor when selecting which type of amplifier to use.”

“At Sonance, one of our core pillars is authentic partnerships. We carried out a great deal of research in the Italian market to identify a distribution partner that could help develop commercial opportunities and relationships around our 100V product offerings,” added Adrian Ickeringill, International Sales Director for Sonance.

“We are delighted to have Intermark on board, providing much needed focus in the commercial market for our 100V Professional Series line, new IS8T Invisible Speakers and Landscape and OMNI-6T outdoor products.” 

Ickeringill and the Sonance commercial group will work closely with Intermark to support the installation network in Italy with project design, demonstration and support.

Sonance Professional Series was introduced in 2017 with laminated core transformer technology. The Professional Series In-Ceiling, Pendant and Surface Mount speakers were designed to deliver 8ohm performance from 100V line speakers, all while working in unison through tonal matching and looks that are designed to belong in the space. 

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