Signagelive, global suppliers of cloud-based digital signage technology, has announced support for Chrome OS, including Google Chromebox, a low cost, media and web device.

Google Chromebox powered by Signagelive for Chrome eliminates the need for expensive media players to run and manage digital signage campaigns, reportedly resulting in significantly reduced installation, operational and energy costs.

Using Signagelive’s intuitive content management and scheduling tools, digital signage technology users can quickly create and display engaging content for different digital signage applications.

“Providing support for Google Chrome OS is a milestone for Signagelive because of the development opportunities it offers device manufacturers and HTML5 developers globally,” explains Jason Cremins, CEO of Signagelive.

“Signagelive-powered Chrome OS devices provide management capabilities on a par with conventional PCs but at a fraction of the cost, enabling digital signage resellers and HTML5 developers to create compelling digital signage and interactive propositions for their end users.”

A number of Chromeboxes developed by a range of manufacturers were showcased at the recent Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in Las Vegas, including ASUS, Acer, HP and Dell all of which are compatible with Signagelive for Chrome.

Over the last two years Signagelive has worked in conjunction with major digital signage vendors to develop flexible System on Chip (SoC) software that delivers the same advanced capabilities as its core-PC display software.

Signagelive for Chrome, written in HTML5, provides full support for different content formats including static images, HD video, web pages, IPTV, multi-zoning for different media types, image layering, RSS feeds, portrait support and screen on and off control.

It also offers proof of play and proactive monitoring capabilities complementing the features available from Google Chrome device management software.

Signagelive provides all the features required to create, schedule and publish content and applications for a single Chromebox to a global network of many thousands.

One and three year licences are available bundled with a Chromebox and Google Chrome device management licences through major distributors and resellers worldwide.

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