Clip ’n Climb is a new indoor climbing centre based in Ipswich. It is the only purpose-built centre in the UK and is the largest of all the 215 Clip ‘n Climb centres in the world. It has been designed to ensure that everyone can be a part of the experience and have fun.

Hughes Smart, the integrator for this project, realised the potential of what could be delivered, with multiple screens dotted around in various areas being the key. Options to have multiple screens joined together in video walls, along with a method to distribute HD Content over the network of screens easily were being considered.

The centre says that is uses Signagelive throughout to engage customers including in the upstairs café area which is used predominantly for paid external advertising and internal advertising of the company’s own products.

The screens downstairs are used for more functional purposes. The reception screen plays promo videos to excite everyone on arrival, and the briefing room plays a safety video when activated by a trigger, and the climbing arena screen promotes customer achievements such as fastest climbs.

The purpose of Clip ‘n Climb is to engage people with incredible climbing facilities, so it was imperative that the centre had equally engaging signage and content playing throughout.

The management team met initially with the Hughes commercial team, and learnt about Signagelive, and it seemed a natural fit for the business.

Clip ‘n Climb loves the flexibility in which you can publish content remotely and edit playlists. The ‘trigger’ button features are also very useful. From an engagement perspective, Signagelive has made a huge difference to the atmosphere of the centre.

Josh Davey, Director, Clip ‘n Climb Ipswich, says, “We have been extremely impressed with the service and capabilities of Signagelive. As a brand new business, the software has given us one less thing to worry about, and it has saved us so much time.”

Nick Cooper, Hughes Smart, Smart Technology Integrator, adds,After being brought on board with the project by Hughes Trade and the initial meetings with them, the client and myself on behalf of Hughes Smart, it became very clear that a signage solution in both hardware and software was going to be required.  After getting in contact with Signagelive training via webinars was provided to get a clear understanding of what is possible.

“Excellent guidance was given throughout the project by all involved from Signagelive, ultimately providing a professional and easy to manage solution for the end user. I have since worked on other projects that have included the functionality provided by Signagelive.

Warren Bremner, Business & Channel Development Manager, Signagelive, sums up, “When Hughes Trade first approached us with this project, I was really excited to be able to support them. This was our first opportunity with Hughes and am very pleased with the way this has been delivered. The success of this project proved how our dedicated channel approach allows us to support reseller partners and their end customers.”

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