Signagelive has successfully migrated its media player software to Samsung’s fourth-generation Smart Signage Platform (SSSP V4.0) powered by Tizen OS. With this announcement, Samsung’s Tizen powered displays will be commercially available to partners, resellers and end users from mid-September 2016.

Signagelive has worked closely with Samsung HQ since late 2012 prior to the launch of the original Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) in 2013 and was one of the first technology partners to develop an off-the-shelf offering for the SSSP. As a consequence, all Samsung Smart Displays are able to run Signagelive’s software as standard.

Signagelive has been able to quickly migrate its existing SSSP application to the new Tizen powered displays to ensure customers are able to continue to deploy solutions as soon as the new products become globally available.

The SSSP V4.0 platform features an upgraded graphics engine, featuring a 3x increase in animation performance over previous SSSP models, helping to close the ever decreasing gap between SoC and PC based media players.

The latest release comprises an extensive range of core features, including playback of up to two concurrent full HD videos, seamless video playlists, multi-zone layouts, Media RSS for syndication of content from our content partners, transparent image layering, screen on /off control, automated remote application updates and automated remote firmware updates.

Advanced features such as support for the forthcoming Signagelive Widget Development Framework and Signagelive Web Triggers enabling real time triggering of content via our APIs will be compatible with the latest release.

Signagelive was also the first company to achieve platinum partner status under the Samsung technology partner programme as a result of its continual support of the SSSP and for securing a large number of high-profile customers including the Lithuanian Post Office, Maceys Convenience Store, and Vodafone Hutchinson Australia, which have purchased more than 1,000 SSSP licenses to date.

“Signagelive has a strong relationship with Samsung’s technical team and from the outset they have always been responsive to our development requirements,” comments Jason Cremins, CEO of Signagelive. “Their outstanding support over the last four years has enabled Signagelive to become one of the top five digital signage technology providers globally with over 600 networks globally using Signagelive for Samsung SSP Displays. The new Tizen platform is highly flexible and we will strive to ensure we continue to provide the same levels of advanced functionality for existing SSSP users.”

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