Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe is placing the entire visual display line-up of both Sharp and NEC branded products under one umbrella. Sharp NEC Display Solutions will provide significant value and business advantage to customers and partners through access to an enhanced portfolio and an extended range of professional service offerings. The brands are uniting their extensive industry expertise and market recognition. Sharp’s innovative business products include professional and commercial displays, as well as the development of advanced technologies in interactive and 8K. NEC’s broad range of high-quality visual technology and digital signage solutions for a wide variety of industries are recognised by customers worldwide.

Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe, led by President and CEO Bernd Eberhardt, will follow a strategic path to the future of visual solutions, focusing on superior customer satisfaction enabled by high-quality products, sales leadership excellence and a strong commitment to relationship-building.

“By combining the strengths of Sharp and NEC, we are providing the widest range of visual solutions across multiple technologies, all engineered for trusted long-life reliability. Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe seeks to improve user creativity and productivity with products that help our customers address their business challenges, with each product supported with our world-renowned care and integrity. For the time being, Sharp/NEC will offer two lines of displays that will be continuously aligned as we move forward,” says Bernd Eberhardt, President and CEO.

“The company may have changed, but our mission – which is deeply rooted in our business – remains the same. Both teams share a longstanding experience and deep knowledge of the market. Our commitment to sustainability and quality – both in terms of our products and the world-class service and support of our teams – are a perfect match,” concludes Bernd.

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