Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe is joining with Intuiface and Nexmosphere to deliver a new innovative digital signage solution.

The joint collaboration will bring Intuiface’s Entrance Flow Management experience to integrators in the retail sector. The new solution combines Intuiface’s underlying platform, Nexmosphere’s technical excellence, and high-quality NEC displays that leverage the integrated HO523 OPS from BrightSign, to deliver the best retailer and customer experience.

Entrance Flow Management is a dynamic customer counting and communication solution that enables retailers to keep customers safe and store capacity under control. It tracks visitor entry and exit counts, compares this to capacity, and provides guidance to customers via display screens on whether they should enter the store. The solution visuals can be entirely customised to adapt to any retail context.

“We are very proud to work alongside Sharp/NEC and Nexmosphere to tailor our Entrance Flow Management experience to the immediate needs of the market,” says Vincent Encontre, Intuiface’s COO. “The combination of our no-code content creation software with Nexmosphere sensors and NEC displays is so seamless that we expect integrators to deploy the solution in mere days.”

The new solution replaces a manual entry monitor with the X-Eye Presence sensor from Nexmosphere. This is a narrow-beam IR sensor which can detect if a person is present, and their proximity to the sensor. When the X-Eye Presence sensor is placed at both the store entrance and exit, this data creates a solution that dynamically and accurately counts how many visitors enter and exit a specific area.

Ivo Wouters, Nexmosphere’s Product Manager, comments: “This solution is an excellent example of how sensors and interactive digital signage can be used to create meaningful experiences in retail environments. The combined solution of Intuiface software, NEC displays and Nexmosphere sensors provides a robust and ready-to-install solution while also offering the flexibility for system integrators to adapt to local needs.”

The new solution is also enhanced by the inclusion of NEC’s professional display technology with embedded computing options. This provides information to customers and retailers clearly, comprehensively and in a way that is easy to understand.

The integrated Entrance Flow Management solution is cost-effective and highly efficient, making it ideal for integrators working in the retail space to supply and install.

Nils Karsten, Strategic Alliance Manager at Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe, concludes: “Just the effort of combining the expertise of four industry leaders in their unique areas of competence was a real pleasure. The circumstances of this collaboration are very unfortunate, given the persistence of COVID-19 and its effects on people and global economies. But this solution will give much needed help to retailers adapting to a new and challenging normal. Customer safety is the highest priority, and we’re proud to be working together to deliver it.”

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