These fully-wireless and feature-packed headphones have been designed to suit the way people work today with the increase in home working, hot-desking and the use of software like Skype for Business to stay in-touch, business-based headphones need to be able to adapt to different use scenarios and do it fast.

That is the aim here and the headphones do deliver an adaptable experience, however where they really shine is adding serious audio quality too.

First up, comfort is good, there is lots of adaptability in the head-band and ear-cups so most users should find a position that fits them. The only slight niggle here is that the band does tend to sit quite far forward on the head, which feels a little odd as first, but once settled in, the product can be used for long periods without discomfort.

The phones also come with a sturdy case for travelling, but are also robust enough to be carried free in a bag without much danger of damage. The matt-black and brushed-aluminium detailing also mean the product is not un-appealing to the eye.

Audio quality

This is first rate for a business based set of phones, unless the user has something very serious as an entertainment headphone, there really is no need to switch out when enjoying the product for music or other AV pairing.

Qualcomm’s aptX Bluetooth offers good clarity when listening via this technology and for those that have enjoyed listening to decent sounding headphones without a wire, there really is no going back to getting wires caught around your ears, bag or clothing.

Definition is good right through the sound spectrum and bass is particularly good. So many makers get this wrong, thinking good bass performance means adding loads of it, not so here, bass is tight, precise and never overpowering.

This ability particularly comes into play when dealing with one of the products main priorities, delivering speech either over smartphone or via multi-media platforms.

Voice is clear as the mids and highs where most people’s voices operate are never overshadowed by the bass and are crisp and easy to listen too. The product is certified to work with Skype for Business, so use with this platform is particularly good.

Reception for the person or persons at the other end of the communication is also strong, the phone’s built-in microphones do a good job of picking up and delivering only your voice so those at the other end only get that part of the audio and not any office or back-ground noise that maybe going on.

Overall, the noise cancelling abilities of the product are very good and seem to be able to adapt to most environments, delivering on the product’s promise for versatility.

However, being completely cut off is sometimes not required or desired, so there are features on the product that allow the user to hear important sounds such as a fire alarms and the TalkThrough feature offers the ability to have the phones on and hold a conversation with colleagues.

Windsafe is another good feature here. As someone who likes to catch up on calls when getting some fresh air, this was a real boon, smarthphone mics don’t cut it and most wireless headphones don’t either, but there was a definite improvement here.

Another technology that the maker underlines here is Room Experience. Sennheiser says the technology is designed to make it feel like the person being talked too is in the same room.

We are not sure it does that, but really this is just a fancy way of saying the voice performance is very accurate and it definitely delivers that, helping to reduce fatigues as the user is never straining to hear what is being said.

The product’s adaptability can be enhanced further by downloading the CapTune app which offers a whole range of ways to customise the sound, well worth taking the time, especially if the intent is to use the product a lot with a smartphone and not just a PC or Mac.

For connecting to other products, the phones feature Bluetooth 4.2 and NFC technology, connections do feel fast and fuss free and we did not experience anything in the way of drop outs.

Charging is done via microUSB, and battery life is pretty good.

30 hours of battery is generous, we found it did deliver that, but you have to only have the NoiseGuard feature activated not Bluetooth and be connected via the cable.

With NoiseGuard and Bluetooth on, it drops back down to a more standard 20 hours.

Other useful features include a touch sensitive pad on the right cup which allows the control of basic functions such as call reject or accept, volume up/down, track selection.

Pretty handy, too many makers have you searching around blind for small buttons on the phones for these types of features.

Worth it?

These are not the cheapest around but are a really strong set of headphones from Sennheiser. They deliver all the business benefits with features you will use rather than wonder what they are on-board for in the first place. Best of all, the audio is excellent, we compared them with a few music only headphones, and it matched them no problem, so if staying in contact all the time across all of your comms platforms is important to you, these are definitely worth checking out.

Comes With

  • Carry case
  • BTD 800 USB / BTD 800 USB ML Optimised for UC / Certified for Skype for Business USB dongle for PC
  • In-flight adapter
  • USB cable with micro-USB connector
  • Audio cable with answer/end button 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm jack plugs
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