The SDVoE Alliance has announced the expansion of the free SDVoE Developer Certification Program to allow access for all programmers and software developers. In addition, a more advanced Level 2 certification has been added to the original basic Level 1 qualification course. Each level consists of seven online video modules followed by an exam, which once successfully completed confers “SDVoE Developer” status and opens access to additional resources. Detailed online documentation walks developers through the more complex features of the SDVoE API.

“During the past year we worked closely with a select group of AV programmers and software developers to design and perfect a complete program that provides the foundation for easily creating amazing user experiences on the SDVoE platform. We took participants’ feedback and advice to create a truly useful training environment,” says Justin Kennington, president of the SDVoE Alliance. “The open SDVoE API is quickly becoming the standard application development platform – “the Android” – for pro AV.  It’s the way for developers – small independents and large manufacturers – to play in the same arena, and create outstanding user experiences built around audio and video distribution.”

“Ongoing training and support around the SDVoE API are key differentiators for what we’re doing in the SDVoE Developer Certification Program,” says Matt Dodd, head of education for the SDVoE Alliance. “We are taking a very proactive approach to working with developers and fostering a vibrant user forum where SDVoE members and certified developers can mingle and share tips, tricks and questions.”

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