Schindler, one of the world’s most recognisable names in lifts, has partnered with Optoma to create an immersive advertising opportunity for those wishing to create an impact. The new initiative is dubbed ‘Ahead DoorShow’, and it offers advertisers the opportunity to use static or moving images projected onto elevator doors to get their message across to potential buyers.

Optoma’s ultra-short throw ZH400UST laser projector was chosen as the best solution to deliver the projected images. These could easily be mounted on the wall above the elevator doors and deliver a detailed image to optimise the typically unused space on the front of the elevator. What’s more, the laser light source ensures that Schindler can offer its Ahead DoorShow technology 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition, the ZH400UST can project large images from just 25cm away from any surface. And the advanced features and networking capabilities allow remote access, as well as being able to control and monitor content and timings via Schindler’s native software.

The Ahead DoorShow is designed to promote marketing and advertising collateral within the leisure and hospitality segment, specifically hotels, airports, shopping malls and exhibition centres.

The Results

The Schindler Ahead DoorShow successfully captures the interest of anyone waiting for an elevator so companies, hotels and shopping malls can now market their elevator doors as an advertising platform.

Jan-Karsten Thoebel, head of technology-advertising products at Schindler comments, “We’re using the Optoma ZH400UST as it is a powerful ultra-short throw laser projector with 20,000 hours light source lifetime – it perfectly fits our needs. Optoma offers an excellent customer service and we can even fine-tune the products to our needs.”

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