The Microsoft Surface Hub and Google Jamboard have both redefined the traditional whiteboard, but now Samsung is hoping to revolutionise the flip chart. Debuting at CES 2018, this new interactive digital flip chart is part of Samsung’s vision for a ‘workplace of the future’.

Dubbed the Samsung Flip WM55H, this digital flip chart is very similar to what is offered by both Microsoft and Google in the whiteboard space. It’s a digital display that offers the familiar feel of writing, while also delivering greatly enhanced functionality. That includes the capability to deliver rich multimedia applications, as well as offer on-the-fly amendments to documents stored in the cloud.

What really helps the Samsung Flip stand out from the Surface Hub and Jamboard is the fact that it’s portable, thanks to its wheel-based stand. That means one can be purchased for an office building, and rotated to multiple meeting rooms as and when it’s needed – rather than clients having specific meeting rooms equipped with the technology they need.

“The often-flawed logistics of the modern meeting make it easy for participants to feel disengaged and for vital ideas and discoveries to become lost,” says Seog-gi Kim, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

“Today’s workers require more powerful and flexible technologies, and we truly believe that our new Samsung Flip display offers endless possibilities for driving impactful collaboration. We are excited to debut the Samsung Flip at CES 2018, and we look forward to building upon this technology to help businesses work better, smarter and faster.”

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