Samsung is finally finding success for its giant Cinema LED display outside of its native of South Korea. Having already seen installations in Switzerland and Thailand, the company has now signed an agreement to bring the screens to the world’s largest cinema operator, Wanda Cinemas.

Wanda Cinemas is set to bring Samsung’s state-of-the-art LED screen to its Wujiaochang theatre, which is located in Shanghai’s Yangpu District. After that, the display will then make its way to another Wanda-owned location in Beijing, which is expected to open to the public in the first half of 2018.

While Samsung’s LED screens are finally debuting in China, its partnership with Wanda could be the catalyst it needs to see a full global roll-out. The company owns some of the most recognisable cinema chains in the world, including AMC in the US and Odeon in the UK. It also owns the second largest chain in Oceania, Hoyts Cinema. That could give Samsung a way to bring its technology to cinemas in the UK, Australia, and the US.

There’s no word on whether a further roll-out of the technology will be happening through the Wanda partnership, but it’s clear to see why the company has opted for the technology. The HDR-compatible screen stretches 33.8ft wide and brings a 4K resolution with a peak brightness level of 146fL. That’s almost 10 times greater than what is offered by existing projector technologies. Furthermore, the Cinema LED screen is matched with speakers from JBL by Harman for a robust audio experience to go with the visual feast.

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