While LG Display is bringing double-sided, foldable OLED displays to IFA 2015, Samsung is bringing ones that customers can see through or even see themselves in.

As part of Samsung’s announcements at IFA 2015, the company showcased a 55in transparent OLED display, which will be the first of its kind designed for commercial use, to hit the market.

Samsung believes that the display will revolutionise the store window, allowing businesses to sell advertising or display their latest wares alongside traditional window displays.

It is more than just a simple display however, as it also responds to a user’s touch and boasts built-in speakers – although unfortunately there is no self-cleaning option just yet.

While the transparent OLED display caught many IFA attendees’ attention, Samsung’s 55in mirrored display was also a highlight of the company’s smart signage booth.

The display is designed to be installed in fitting rooms to enable users to get more information about the clothes they are wearing.

Utilising transparent and reflective OLED panels, the display could also offer advertising opportunities and more information about in-store events.

While these are two products that seem the most forward-thinking from the South Korean tech giant, Samsung believes it has the right set of devices and software to completely transform the retail environment.

Also shown off at IFA 2015 was the company’s 65in high-resolution touch display (DM65-BR).

Samsung believes that the DM65-BR could be used in a fashion retailer to deliver content to customers such as a clothing catalogue.

Users will be able to interact with the clothes offered in that store in real-time, including a computer-generated model which will offer a 360° view of the clothing item.

Once the perfect outfit is found, Samsung then envisions customers utilising its 10.1in small signage (DB10E-POE) to obtain coupons for the specific product and even pay using Samsung Pay, the company’s answer to Apple Pay.

Using all this technology, Samsung believes that businesses could benefit from increased sales and better customer loyalty.

Of course, the company has yet to say when these will be made available – but if Samsung gets its way, it won’t be long until we start seeing these displays creep into retail stores around the world.

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