Samsung Electronics UK has announced the launch of its new range of Business TVs. A Professional TV, but designed with small business owners in mind, this concept offers business owners an effective solution to their signage content needs.

With the ability to be controlled directly from the Samsung Business TV app via a mobile phone, the Samsung Business TV range does not depend on an existing computer infrastructure. Simple to set up, easy to control and effortless to use, they provide a wealth of display benefits for businesses on a smaller and more flexible scale.

“Clear and engaging signage is a priority for many businesses, including SME’s. That being said, the need for larger, complex screens often isn’t there and nor is the computer infrastructure to support them. As a result, smaller businesses, from deli counters to showrooms, are looking for display alternatives which can be controlled simply and flexibly,” explains Damon Crowhurst, Head of Display for Samsung.

“This is why Samsung has developed the new Samsung Business TV offering. Coming with a three-year warranty, this unique innovation is based on consumer TV’s in terms of design, which can be operated completely from the Samsung Business TV mobile phone app. This means that staff can create and schedule signage on the go and update in real time, offering them ultimate convenience and accessibility.”

Knowing that many small and medium businesses may not have internal IT staff, the new Samsung Business TV’s have been developed to enable quick and simple set up. Business owners or employees can easily switch on their Samsung Business TV and follow the how-to guide on screen. This will explain how to download the Samsung Business TV app from their mobile app store and how to pair the two.

To maximise the convenience of the Samsung Business TV range, the products also include an automatic running feature. This enables users to enjoy flexible control by setting an On and Off Timer. Once the TV switches itself on, it will auto boot the Samsung Business TV App, meaning that following initial set up, the Samsung Business TVs can run automatically each day without the need to reprogram. 

Paired TVs will automatically show on a user’s mobile phone device, allowing them to deploy content to the TV, or even multiple TVs at once. The Samsung Business TV range also offers an operating time of 16 hours a day seven days per week, an increase from Samsung consumer TV’s which offer 8 hours seven days per week.

Sharing display content and signage has been made easy: featuring a three step process, users can quickly play professional content on their TV screens by choosing from a range of pre-designed templates, editing their selected image and text, before sending it to the TV. 

The app includes a mobile friendly user interface for easy content editing and supports more than 100 templates for non-experts. These include over 30 L-Bar templates which allow companies to play promotion content while TV programming remains on screen, motion-embedded templates and seasonal promotion templates which will be updated periodically.

With business security front of mind, the Samsung Business TV range includes secured pairing with the Samsung Business TV app using an easy PIN code setup. It further includes a panel button lock and a USB port lock for added security, so business owners can feel reassured that their content is being kept safe.

The range includes full size variation with 43, 50, 55, 65, 70 and 75-in sizing options available. 

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