Samsung has introduced its next-generation of interactive, touchscreen display board that heightens collaboration and creativity inside the boardroom and classroom.

The new Samsung Interactive Flip 75in joins the extensive product line-up of 55in, 65in and 85in displays. It also brings enhanced safety features, including Samsung’s exclusive shatterproof screen. The new size also maintains the Flip line features of easy to use functionality, 4K ultra high definition (UHD) picture quality, on-screen visual clarity, data security protocols and expanded collaboration touchpoint options.

“As we begin easing back into the world we are still ever reliant on technology, so it’s more important than ever that our collaborative technology solutions are still supporting us – be that in the home or the office” says Drew Rogers, Senior Product Manager at Samsung UK. “At Samsung, we continue to innovate with usage front of mind, and the new Samsung Interactive Flip 75in is a perfect example of that, with features that are focused on the needs of our partners and users in this new everchanging world.”

The Flip 75in is easy and intuitive to use, offering capabilities such as smooth pen-to-paper writing mode, flexible image editing tool and a straightforward content navigation system. The 4K UHD picture quality, easy-to-read visuals and ability to sync personal devices for real-time content sharing ensure that any changes users make to the display will be clear to each participant. For the setup, the display will be mounted to the wall for users to write and draw on the display and allows for up to a team of 20 to work simultaneously by syncing personal devices for real-time content sharing. Additionally, new on screen education toolkit with digital ruler and protractor will be available on the Flip 75in.

Furthermore, the Flip 75in ensures that confidential information or classified documents remain in the right hands. Using its reinforced, 6-digit lock system, each manager can safeguard sensitive presentations, lock the display and remove critical content from view. Samsung understands that during the time of digital transformation, security is of the utmost importance and this solution meets those needs.

The entire Samsung Interactive Display Flip product line offers a versatile selection of connectivity options, including USB, HDMI, DP, NFC, screen sharing. In addition, multi device screen sharing for all platform including Mac, iOS, Chromebook, Windows and Android will be available. So, while we continue into the future of how we learn and work in different settings, the foundation of education and business to create a meaningful, efficient, and collaborative environment is not lost.

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