While Ultra HD is dominating consumer-grade TVs and the high-end projector market, Samsung is claiming that it is the first company to offer the ability to build a UHD video wall. That’s thanks to its latest 65in panels, which boast a resolution that is four times higher than comparable Full HD video wall panels.

Samsung is targeting the most common section of the market with these new panels – and that is installations that utilise 3×3 46in Full HD video wall panels. Instead, this new option allows customers to use 2×2 65in UHD panels and benefit from uniformity of colour and higher quality images. Users will also benefit from cost savings as only four braces will be required for 65in panels, rather than the nine braces for 3×3 set-ups with 46in panels

“Although UHD products for digital signage have been introduced in other segments, SDC’s new UHD displays with their 3.7mm, ultra-narrow bezel are the first in the video wall segment and are expected to transform advertising and information messaging in large format signage,” said Yang Oh-seung, head of LCD marketing at Samsung Display.

“Four 65in electronic display panels, featuring 8.3 million pixels, will comprise the most impressive 2×2 video wall on the market today.”

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