John Barylick, acclaimed attorney and author of Killer Show, will make the keynote presentation.

“The events of the past three years have had an enormous impact on the way insurance companies approach covering live events,” says Take1 entertainment insurance executive vice president and program director, Scott Carroll – referring to tragedies such as the Boston Marathon, the Station Club Fire, the Indiana State Fair stage collapse and the Republica Cromanon nightclub fire in Argentina.

“We live in a totally different world than the one we lived in a few short years ago. The level of scrutiny has increased significantly. The requirements of coverage have become more demanding and insurers are requiring more information around issues related to event safety.”

The three-day Event Safety Summit symposium and hands-on workshop is designed to increase awareness of the many event safety risks present at live events, and teach event producers to address those risks more effectively. 

A complete Event Safety Summit 2014 schedule can be found at the Event Safety Alliance website.

Scott Carroll, together with Susan McGuirl, senior underwriting director at Fireman’s Fund, will lead a special panel entitled: ‘Ensuring the Insurance Partnership’ on Thursday December 4 at the Tait Towers campus in Lititz, Pennsylvania. 

The panel will focus heavily on explaining how the strategies of underwriting have evolved; understanding the importance of collaboration and partnership between the producer and the insurance provider when evaluating live event risks from the insurance carrier perspective; knowing the various resources that are now available to help producers of live events assess risk and evaluate the aspects of each event that are most likely to cause loss and resolve pre-loss and post-loss issues.

The event will also be used to discuss how to be better prepared to predict, plan for, and mitigate the next tragedy – hopefully keeping it from ever happening.

Amplifying the importance of learning from past tragedies, Event Safety Alliance executive director Jim Digby has announced that author and attorney John Barylick will deliver the keynote presentation at the summit. John is the author of Killer Show, an account of the conditions and decisions that led to the 2003 Station Nightclub Fire in Rhode Island.

Using video from the incident itself, computer reconstructions and burn tests, he will explain the many missteps that resulted in the fourth-deadliest club fire in US history, which claimed 100 lives and injured hundreds more.

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