BrightSign, the global player in digital signage media players, has announced a new partnership with RMG’s proprietary CMS platform, Korbyt, as the dedicated digital signage software platform now supports BrightSign Series 3 media players, LS, HD and XT lines.

Korbyt was launched in 2017 with the aim of conquering the digital signage software market, offering its own set of features and setting out to be the most adaptable enterprise visual communications platform available.

After close collaboration between both companies, all major features of the Korbyt platform are now supported on BrightSign players. Some of these features include: Drag and drop WYSIWYG user interface, multi-zone layouts, HTML5 layouts with animations, multi-platform visualisations, RSS integration, real-time social media feeds, URLs, simple and complex data integrations, extended playlists and scheduling options.

This provides current and future BrightSign users with a wider range of options when it comes to choosing the CMS platform that will bring their visual communications strategies to life.

“As the global market leader in digital signage media players, we want to provide our customers with a wide array of choices when it comes to software,” says Jeff Hastings, BrightSign CEO. “RMG Networks’ CMS platform, Korbyt, is an excellent choice for enterprise customers looking for a robust visual communications tool.”

Its creator says Korbyt was built around a combination of core principles that provide the platform with an innovative edge. This are described as a hyper intuitive user interface and workflow; cross-platform versatility by supporting all major media platforms; 100% enterprise scalability through its cloud-based offering; remarkable connectivity thanks to its open API architecture; measurability through robust reporting modules and easy manageability via clever remote system monitoring, as well as extended user management options.

Ben Johnston, vice president of product management at RMG states, “With our latest update to the Korbyt platform, RMG is very excited to announce support for BrightSign media players. BrightSign is recognised as a leader in the digital signage media player market, and RMG looks forward to introducing the power of Korbyt to existing as well as new BrightSign users looking for impactful and transformational digital signage solutions.”

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