The UK hospitality industry has been left decimated by coronavirus, leaving many businesses hesitant and legally obliged to offer food and drink only to drive their business.

Pair this with the demand for experiences and the decreasing urge for a boozy night: 329 million pub visits per year in 2019 had no alcohol being consumed. Between one and four visits are now alcohol free (according to a KAM Media report), with many businesses looking to increase the ‘experience’ but lower the physical touchpoints in order to achieve this.

Post coronavirus, the hospitality industry will require safer and more hygienic ways to engage guests. Demand will be driven through touchless experiences whereby customers can check-in, request songs from mobile (in this case) and hosts managing their guests largely, remotely.

Companies like Singa have and are further developing market leading features that empower a venue to accelerate safe and hassle-free entertainment, providing significant growth of the Singa platform across large scale operators who want to deploy a system with little or no installation costs. These features include:

  • Venue remote management services – A host can manage entertainment remotely and safely, managing the needs of the room via a back-end management system. The host can reset a room in seconds.
  • Mobile song requests – BYOD style mobile song requests so guests can browse, request and sing with only having to touch the microphone itself (cleaned by venue in-between bookings) – all done by connecting the user’s mobile device to the venues.
  • Guest check-in facilities – guests can start, check-in and manage their experience through a complete touchless environment. Through the app and on-screen guidance, guests will not need to engage physically with the space.

With modern karaoke software like Singa, customers will be able to browse the karaoke categories of up to 80,000 tracks and add songs directly to the song queue from their mobile phone. This helps minimise people touching the equipment and surfaces. Plus, information (hygiene and promotions) can be shown easily on screen with Singa’s ad display function, too. All of this is achieved via Touchscreen (iOS) technology.

Singa’s karaoke software allows users to select from 80,000 different songs

About Singa

Singa was founded to do for karaoke what Netflix has done for movies and what Spotify has done for music – to update an entire industry. For consumers, it seeks to provide the easiest way to sing karaoke anytime, anywhere and on any device. For commercial use, Singa provides a modern karaoke solution that it says is unlike anything else on the market.

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