Grab the attention of off-location customers using the new line of Outdoor Mounting Solutions from Premier Mounts. Wall and ceiling-mounted enclosures, vibrant video walls and customer-friendly kiosks draw attention as Premier Mounts extends the most trusted name in the industry to all new specially formulated outdoor display solutions. With display capacity ranging from 26 in.-80 in. and a weight capacity as heavy as 300 lb., this line offers the potential for a variety of sizes and configurations. Digital Signage applications drive visual stimulation in new settings, stopping customers in their tracks and bringing business in from the cold! Use these heavy-duty 11 and 12-gauge steel mounting solutions in residential applications as well, utilizing their weather-resistant, corrosion-free features to upgrade outdoor entertainment areas. Their powder coat finish gives these multi-faceted solutions an aesthetic and practical appeal, and this innovative line can withstand outdoor elements in any wall, floor, and ceiling-mounted configuration.

Anti-Theft Features
The Outdoor Mounting Solutions line features Premier Mounts’ trademarked Lock-It™ Security Hardware, which allows for safekeeping of expensive electronics amid unpredictable circumstances. Rest easy, knowing that the special security barrels are designed to deter equipment removal or theft and can only be installed or removed using the security Allen Wrench in the included hardware pack.

Non-Corrosive Powder Coating
Through specialized testing, Premier Mounts developed the optimal showcase for ultimate weather-resistance using a combination of corrosion-free materials and specialized powder coating to protect and preserve mounting solutions useful in any outdoor setting. Wind, rain, heat and snow are no match for these sturdy products, allowing your display design and content to stand resiliently as the main event. “Advances in modern technology provide us with so many more options to be on the move,” says Steve Pedroza, project manager, Premier Mounts, “With the introduction of more versatile electronics, people now have the option to enjoy many more open-air experiences both commercially and residentially. Outdoor digital signage and entertainment settings are graduating from a rarity to a permanent fixture in the worlds of both business and leisure.”

Available in Stainless Steel for Saltwater-Laden Environments
In coastal environments, it’s important to take additional precautions to protect against sodium chloride-rich air. The combination of moisture, oxygen and salt in shoreline air corrodes metal ten times faster than inland air, and ocean water bacteria can consume normal iron and produce rust. Premier Mounts uses durable 316L grade stainless steel mounts within their custom division to prevent such damage to products used in coastal or offshore salt-water environments.

About Premier Mounts
An internationally recognized leader in the development and delivery of innovative mounting solutions for more than 35 years, Premier Mounts provides state-of-the-art, top-quality mounting systems for A/V installations in any setting, no matter the challenge. From commercial to consumer settings, or universal to custom-made solutions Premier Mounts is committed to delivering the utmost in product quality and customer service by continually meeting the needs of our customers. For more information on Premier Mounts, please visit, or call (800) 368-9700.

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