PPDS has announced that 1,900 of its UHD Philips D-Line Professional Displays have been selected and installed to bring advanced and highly immersive simulation experiences to the Tenstar Simulation training facility in Sweden.


Advancing the performance of future machine operators, Tenstar Simulation is a Swedish-based training facility for the transportation, emergency vehicles, construction, agriculture, forestry, and traffic segments. This innovative concept was developed to prepare students, novices and professionals alike to safely operate heavy machinery in simulated settings with true-to-life dynamics, even including hardware (seats, armrests, controls) from manufacturers in the industry.

With a mission to minimise emissions and increase efficiency without any physical risks, Tenstar Simulation has become a global leader in its field – serving over 14,000 users each year.


Every simulator from Tenstar Simulation has been developed by expert engineers, working closely with key players from their respective industries. To ensure a smooth transition from the digital space to the physical world, graphical and mechanical realism were absolutely critical factors. These include machine instruments, dynamics, solo and multi-user scenarios and, of course, lifelike picture quality.

With 700 available simulators, Tenstar Simulation needed a high-quality, cost-effective display solution to create truly immersive experiences for its customers.


To bring their vision to life, Tenstar Simulation teamed up with PPDS for a custom solution that ticked all the boxes. Together, 1,900 Philips D-Line displays were installed to create an immersive simulation experience for each user.

With a combined average of 160,000 hours of on-screen time each year, these displays were chosen for their robustness and energy efficiency, as well as their full HD resolution. The displays are connected directly to each simulator, allowing the Tenstar Simulation team to update their software and monitor performance via their custom software suite. Modular display configuration enables versatility for each machine – ensuring each experience perfectly represents the machine training scenario.

This installation resulted in a significant increase of positive feedback from users, while also helping reduce environmental emissions and safety risks for people and machines.

Freddy Lund, CEO, Tenstar Simulation, comments, “The Tenstar development team works hard to deliver cutting-edge graphics and, naturally, the demand is high for great screens to display that software. We get a lot of positive feedback when it comes to the displays. It’s a crucial part of our hardware and simulators.”

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