PPDS has announced the debut of Philips S-Line – a series of stretched digital signage displays, bringing new creative possibilities for high-impact installations in space-limited environments.

First teased on the Philips stand during ISE 2022 and available now for order in the UK and Ireland, the 37in Philips S-Line series (37BDL3050S) adds a new dimension to PPDS’ expanding digital signage and dvLED portfolio, with this latest evolution featuring a 32:9 aspect ratio (928.5 x 282.3 x 48.7 mm).

Built for 24/7 operation, offering reliability, and equipped with a 700cd/m² high-brightness (1920×540), Philips says the S-Line is the ideal solution for a variety of industries and uses, including public venues, transportation, restaurants and retail.

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Complimenting PPDS’ existing digital signage range, the S-Line’s stretched design and narrow bezel frame opens a multitude of opportunities, with customers able to be deliver clear, high-impact content in spaces where traditional digital signage may not be suitable due to size constraints.

Portrait or landscape mountable, Philips says S-Line can transform almost any surface – including over shelving, above busy order points, in transport hubs and in other narrow spaces – into a hive of digital activity that demands to be seen. From general communications that include branding, marketing, area/exhibition information and timetables, to wayfinding, menu boards and many more, Philips says the S-Line is guaranteed to make a wide impression. At just 7.76kg, the displays can also be mounted in a broader range of spaces, including on temporary walls, such as those used on kiosks and in concessions and pop ups within shopping centres.

Built with flexibility in mind, and to remove current marketplace limitations, Philips S-Line displays can be installed as a standalone solution or seamlessly daisy chained using PPDS’ HMDI linking technology, as part of a multi-display setup for more creative yet compact designs. For tiled setups, connect two or more displays using a single external player.

Effortless control and monitoring

Mirroring PPDS’ other premium digital signage, interactive displays, dvLED and professional TVs, Philips S-Line comes equipped with an extensive range of out-of-the-box solutions to deliver easy integration and setup.

Running on Android 8, Philips S-Line is optimised for native Android apps, with users able to install their desired apps directly to the display. And featuring an integrated media player, content can be created and scheduled via a USB and internal memory, helping to ensure displays remain active at all times, even in the event of a network outage. Philips S-Line displays wake from standby to play the content you want, and then return to standby once playback is done.

Philips S-Line will also soon be compatible with PPDS’ cloud platform PPDS Wave, adding more advanced remote management capabilities, whether the displays are in single or multiple locations across the world.

Martijn van der Woude, Head of Global Business Development and Marketing at PPDS, comments, “We are delighted to introduce our brand-new Philips S-line series, adding new opportunities for our partners and their customers to bring their digital content and creative ambitions to life. With a unique aspect ratio design, a high brightness screen for the clearest and most vibrant content, coupled with effortless control and management capabilities, the Philips S-Line literally stretches out the opportunities for retailers, public venues and transportation hubs to deliver innovative ways of communicating with their customers and standing out in the crowd.”

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