Sales of PPDS’ ground-breaking range of ageless, Chromecast built-in, Philips MediaSuite TVs for hospitality have surpassed 100,000, quickly becoming the go-to choice for some of the ‘world’s leading hotels’.  

First teased at ISE 2019 and on sale across EMEA since July of the same year, the Philips MediaSuite range set a new standard in control, personalisation and entertainment for the hotel industry, becoming the world’s first premium professional TVs to feature Chromecast built-in.

Installed in a number of leading hotels across the globe in 2020 – as well as a number of hospitals and even in student accommodation – Philips MediaSuite pro TVs were designed with the future in mind. To provide premium picture performance and to help hoteliers maximise their RoI, reducing unnecessary hardware upgrades and replacements, while maintaining a consistent experience in every room, regardless of age.

Built on an Android TV OS, these Philips-branded hospitality TVs carry PPDS’ unique ‘Extended Lifetime’ promise, ensuring all MediaSuites, whether purchased today, last week or even last year, are able to offer a consistent experience, keeping pace with guest expectations, including how they would prefer to consume content – via casting, streaming or traditional linear viewing. Existing HFL5014 and HFL6014 Philips MediaSuite customers received their first complimentary software upgrade in Autumn 2020, bringing the latest features and security enhancements from PPDS and third-party partners – including the addition of Netflix-ready functionality and Google Assistant’s voice control.

The upgrade also gives access to thousands of apps on Google Play, such as local news, weather and traffic information, as well as content streaming from providers such as YouTube, Deezer and Spotify, plus Disney+ and Netflix.

Such innovations have proven to be of significant benefit to hoteliers impacted by the current climate, offering significant cost savings both today and in the future.

Franck Racapé, Commercial Vice President EMEA, PPDS, comments: “When we launched the Philips MediaSuite at ISE 2019 it was the culmination of years of extensive research and discussion with hotels, whether small independents or multi-national groups, to understand and to provide a solution that meets their own and their guest needs, not just for today, but into the future, too.

“We could never have envisaged then the financial pressures being placed on the hospitality industry due to the global pandemic today and we’re delighted that our strategy is able to provide some relief to both new and existing customers with our ‘Extended Lifetime’ guarantee. Our latest upgrade, which included the Netflix-ready integration, has been a great success and shows a great business case for choosing MediaSuite, with reduced cost of ownership and sustainability at its core.”

Overwhelming response

Racape adds: “This year we have introduced our HFL5114 and HFL6114 ranges, with new sizes and even more features. These new Philips MediaSuite TVs come pre-installed with exciting new features and functionality for an enhanced and more personalised user experience. These include Google Assistant’s voice control functionality, latest security updates, and a more personalised and intelligent content selection. Plus, the ability to embed Netflix – the world’s most popular streaming platform with more than 203 million paid memberships – allowing users to enjoy seamless access to all their favourite movies and shows.

“We have been overwhelmed by the response from the market and we’re delighted that MediaSuite is bringing incredible benefits to more than 100,000 hotel rooms and millions of guests around the world.”

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