Polycom took ISE 2016 as an opportunity to double down on its efforts of showcasing the ‘workplace of the future’. Taking two stands at the show, Polycom revealed a whole host of new solutions to drive home its desire to modernise the traditional office environment.

Key to its message for 2016 were two products that stole the show at ISE 2016 – the Polycom RealPresence Trio and RealPresence Centro.

The RealPresence Trio is being billed as the world’s first smart hub for group collaboration. Designed as a cross between an iPhone and a traditional three-point conference phone, the system facilitates the transmission of voice and video data, as well as files for content-sharing.

Integrators looking for one of the simplest conferencing systems currently on the market may want to check out the RealPresence Trio, with its iPhone-esque UI and one-touch calendar integration. If a user knows how to operate an iPhone, then it’s likely that they’ll be able to pick up the Trio in no time at all.

While the Trio has been designed to be simple – a common theme amongst all the products shown off by Polycom at ISE 2016, it wasn’t the only theme to be showcased on the company’s stand. In fact, a simple UI played a very small part of the puzzle.

Ease of installation, interoperability with other systems and the high-end spec sheet were also key themes.

In terms of ease of installation, Polycom claims that the Trio can be installed in minutes, with a single Power over Ethernet connection being all that is required to get it up and running. There are a number of other connections for those wanting to take the more traditional route however, with Wi-Fi connectivity as standard, as well as Bluetooth, NFC and a USB port for connecting wired audio devices.

As for interoperability, this was a common theme seen on the whole Polycom range – with all of the company’s latest products boasting support for multiple platforms including Skype for Business, Microsoft Lync, the RealPresence platform and even its competitor’s products – thanks to the Open SIP call platform.

While the Trio is likely to be the product to see the most traction in boardrooms all over Europe, the company also showcased a solution that is already being put to good use by NATO.

The RealPresence Centro is the industry’s first collaboration solution purpose-built to put people at the centre of collaboration. Polycom says that it was built with instinctual human behaviour in mind – as people supposedly feel more comfortable collaborating in a round table environment.

For those seeing the Centro for the first time, the biggest surprise will be the four displays flanked around a central module. These displays have integrated Polycom’s patented 360° voice and video technology which automatically tracks the speaker, while also showing the entire meeting space on the same screen. 

Also taking centre stage at Polycom’s stand in the unified communications area at ISE 2016 was the RealPresence Debut, a camera system that can supposedly be installed in seconds. This system has been designed specifically with huddle spaces and smaller meeting room environments in mind, as well as for small or medium-sized businesses with limited IT resources.

Thanks to its Power over Ethernet compatibility, in terms of installation the RealPresence debut should take just a matter of seconds to get going with – and can even be installed in remote offices that are void of any IT professionals.

Polycom’s RealPresence Medialign is a product that many installers are likely to be keen to check out – after all it’s an all-in-one design that can supposedly be installed within just minutes thanks to its magnetic chassis and no-tools approach to assembly.

The Medialign is available in three different configurations; all varying in size and the number of screens. At the top of the pack is the Medialign 270 with two 70in touchscreen displays and two high-resolution cameras. The Medialign 255 is slightly smaller boasting two 55in touchscreen displays and a single high-resolution camera, while the Medialign 170 has just a single 70in display and a single high-res camera.

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