Philips Displays Bring HARFID HQ Designs To Life

Philips Professional Display Solutions and integration specialist, Bimagotec have brought a touch of class to HARFID’s HQ, creating new levels of collaboration and enhanced presentation abilities using 26 LED and interactive display installations. 

Located in Essen, a picturesque former mining town, just north of Dusseldorf, HARFID is one of the fastest growing and most reputable construction businesses in Germany, serving customers in the areas of structural engineering, residential home building, department store development, commercial constructions, and civil engineering work.

From humble beginnings in 2008, the family run business has evolved and expanded greatly, with its skills and expertise represented across the city – including Germany’s largest and most modern shopping centre, the Limbecker Platz in Essen, covering more than 75,000sq-m.

HARFID has fast gained the reputation as a future-driven company that integrates the latest technology in each step it takes. Having the correct tools at its HQ, while at the same time portraying a good impression to visitors and prospective clients – one that closely aligns deep within the company’s foundations – is important. 

Every project is created digitally using Building Information Modelling (BIM) – a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility – and complex custom software that allows each team member to assess, create and deliver on their expertise before construction starts in the real world. 

With such a large team, HARFID needed a solution at its offices to help the team communicate and collaborate in an agile method, while also being able to successfully demonstrate designs and functionality to their stakeholders. 

To make the HARFID vision a reality, the company turned to local AV integration specialist, Bimagotec, together with Philips Professional Display Solutions, to create a custom solution. 

A range of 26 of Philips Professional Display Solutions’ LED and interactive LCD displays were selected and installed throughout the offices. Each was chosen in order to allow staff to unleash their imaginations and bring their designs to life, by providing clearer visibility, allowing for faster client approvals for projects, and creating a ‘wow-factor’ first impression. 

A gigantic super-bright LED video wall from Philips PDS’ brand new range, comprising eight 65-in displays was set up in the common room to play promotional, branding and ambient content. The installation of this latest Philips LED technology is the first in the country, having been launched and made available earlier this year.

The eight LED displays for the videowall were installed alongside each other in portrait mode, creating a bezel free, high-impact wide-viewing complete solution.  

In addition, 10 Android-powered Philips T-line 65-in–55-in touchscreen displays were also installed throughout the company’s meeting rooms in order to ensure collaboration and productivity are maximised. These multi-touch professional displays were the perfect choice for HARFID staff, offering 4K UHD picture performance, multi-finger, multi-user applications, allowing for multiple users on a single screen. 

Information displays were also installed throughout the office to better connect each team member.  Using Philips Professional Display Solutions’ control and management software, CMND, each display has been linked into HARFID’s custom CMS – allowing team members to create and share their work on any display wirelessly or by cable, while any updates or problems can be monitored, managed and resolved remotely.  

The team is also able to collaborate on any project simultaneously in real time from different sections of the office for enhanced efficiency.  

Harfid Hadrovic, CEO, HARFID comments, “The design of the Philips LED video wall is breathtaking, and the overall solution has enabled a real difference in what is now possible.”

Martin Kostorz, Sales Manager for Philips Professional Solutions, adds, “We were delighted to be part of this project and to help HARFID achieve its technology ambitions in order to continue and further enhance its already exemplary reputation and success.” 

Rainer Bloch, Sales Director DACH, further explains, “Our LED range has been designed with versatility in mind, whether it’s for small, large or entirely unique by design installations and we’re thrilled that HARFID is the first in Germany to experience the benefits. 

“As with all of our products, with LED we focus on bringing full solutions to integrators and their customers, making installation, set up and ongoing use as hassle free and straightforward as possible.”

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