Peerless-AV has announced that its SEAMLESS Kitted Series Universal dvLED Mounting System (DS-LEDUNV) is now shipping globally. Peerless-AV says that it is ahead of the game with this new Universal dvLED Mounting System, compatible with the majority of flat-to-wall latching dvLED displays. This kitted solution is feature-packed to offer superior flexibility, scalability, and adjustability when installing flat-to-wall dvLED video walls, unlike any other mount on the market.

Nick Belcore, Executive Vice President at Peerless-AV, comments, “dvLED integration has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years, but there is still no standardisation of latching mechanisms on OEM cabinets. Until now, this has made specifying, stocking, shipping and installing flat-to-wall dvLED video walls expensive, time consuming, and challenging. With our new Universal dvLED Mounting System, we are the first to the market with a truly universal solution that resolves these issues, making life easier for all parties involved in a project, and saving valuable time and costs versus dedicated mounts.”

The DS-LEDUNV addresses the complexities of achieving a perfectly flat, seamless finish on uneven wall surfaces with its display adaptors and X, Y and Z axis adjustment; unique features on Peerless-AV mount infrastructure. A key USP is the unassuming, yet fundamental component – the quick-connect clamps. With assistance from the installer-friendly wall template, the lightweight aluminium mounting frame quickly and accurately attaches to the wall, and the quick-connect clamps attach along the frame to facilitate fast, easy latching of dvLED cabinets. This results in a dramatically simplified installation.

The kitted design of the DS-LEDUNV also makes it far more reconfigurable, should project requirements change. For example, if modifications are requested by the customer to the size of a dvLED video wall before the mounting system is installed, easy adaptations can be made without incurring substantial extra costs. To assist installation, drawings of the chosen Universal dvLED Mounting System are included in the box with along with instructions to assist the team deploying the solution.

The SEAMLESS Kitted Series Universal dvLED Mounting System is currently available for Absen, Barco, iNFiLED, LG, Philips, Sharp/NEC, Sony, and Unilumin models as well as similarly sized and configured cabinets from other manufacturers. The open architecture of the system provides ease of cable management keeping the install tidy. The DS-LEDUNV is available in black and silver and an optional Trim Kit Accessory (DS-LEDTK), compatible with most displays, provides a finished aesthetic to the sides and corners of the wall.

The SEAMLESS Kitted Series Universal dvLED Mounting System is now available for immediate delivery throughout EMEA.

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