Peerless-AV has been recognised with the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System (EMS) implementation and Certification. 

ISO 14001:2015 helps organisations achieve the intended outcomes of its EMS to protect the environment and achieve established environmental objectives to reduce harm, pollution and emergency accidents while preventing adverse impact from materials and resources used in daily activities, enhance environmental performance and reduce environmental footprint and meet and comply with all applicable environmental compliance obligations.

The internationally recognised certification provides a framework for an overall effective environmental management system for Peerless-AV. In accordance with the standard, Peerless-AV has considered all environmental aspects and impacts relevant to its operations, including but not limited to air pollution, land and water contamination, use of raw materials, natural resources, energy, generation of waste, climate change and other resource use and efficiencies. 

“As our Global Headquarters, located in Illinois, is a leading manufacturer of Peerless-AV solutions, we are thrilled to be able to add ISO 14001:2015 certification to our list of company achievements,” stated John Potts, President, Peerless-AV. 

“Not only will this make our own company activities more sustainable, but this certification marks a commitment to our various partners, customers, and integrators who have also taken environmental impact into consideration as they move forward in business. We are happy to be able to work towards a more positive, sustainable industry with this certification.”

Peerless-AV has held ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) certification since 1997. To further demonstrate the company’s dedication to environmental sustainability, the best next step to ensure Peerless-AV continued to deliver the best products and services to the marketplace included the ISO 14001:2015 certification.

In order to properly respond to current global challenges, Peerless-AV needed a better understanding and thorough overview of environmental obligations and incorporated recycling programs for steel and aluminium, as well as obtained an industrial wastewater discharge permit and launched a single-stream recycling programme, among other environmental measures. 

By implementing an ISO certified EMS inclusive of its procedures and policies, Peerless-AV’s goal is to continue to minimise environmental impact, strengthen an ongoing commitment to adhere to the highest standards and increase stakeholders’ trust.

Current measures are in place to ensure all Peerless-AV products distributed from Aurora, Illinois meet ISO 9001 and 14001:2015 requirements. 

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