British superbike team, Paul Bird Motorsport (PBM) recently designed its hospitality suite for the 2014 season, and required a selection of electrical products to complement the state of the art design, inside and out.

When specifying the various electrical solutions for the suite, Jack Chatwood, PBM’s qualified electrician, knew he needed products that were not only aesthetically pleasing, but that were also robust and safe.

It was also clear that PBM would need a power distribution board along with a selection of wiring accessories to suit the décor and sleek design.

Hager UK was consulted in mid-2013 to discuss the appropriate products for the job.

The hospitality unit is based on a 40ft by 8ft triple axel trailer and is fully self-contained.

It is used as a focal point away from the garage for the team, and to entertain invited guests and sponsors.

It looks like a normal hard-sided trailer while on the road, but once fully deployed onsite the front part of the unit has a fully equipped kitchen area with extendable side pods.

The 38-seat unit needed to power full air-conditioning and satellite television for three screens.

A staircase and safety rails can also be deployed to give access to a viewing area on the roof.

Once the two fully glazed side pods and rear pod are deployed, the main area triples in size to approximately 25sq-f.

The suite has dual 32A three phase supplies and when it was manufactured PBM installed a three-phase Hager UK distribution board.

The distribution board was installed along with decorative Sollysta wiring accessories, which were chosen for their appearance and strength.

“Hager UK was chosen because of quality, ease of installation and depth of accessories,” Jack explains. “I have always used its products since my previous role working for a national telecoms company where Hager was a preferred supplier. I find that they come well recommended with electricians across the industry.”

“We are proud to have a selection of our products installed in the PBM hospitality suite,” adds Bruce Davies, MD of Hager UK. “It is a fantastically designed unit and therefore synchronises well with the Hager UK product range because we take quality of design and safety extremely seriously. PBM is a great championship leading team and we hope for great success this season and have strengthened our commitment to the team by sponsoring them for the 2014 season. ”

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