Parisian Hotel Gets 5-Star All-Web TV System

Anevia has successfully delivered what the company is calling the world’s first all-Web TV system for Parisian 5-Star Hotel, Cour des Vosges. This has enabled the hotel to offer its guests international channels without installing satellite dishes.

This unique solution was necessary due to the location of Cour des Vosges in the historic Marais area of Paris, where external satellite dishes are not permitted on any building. Yet having these thematic and international channels was an essential requirement for Cour des Vosges to obtain its 5-star classification.

Installed and configured by the specialist AV integrator, Elan Hospitality, the system combines Anevia’s Flamingo head-end technology with the streaming media content service of content rights specialist LicenseProof limited (former Infinitum Media) to deliver all its international TV channels to the guest rooms entirely via the hotel’s broadband Internet feed. 

Anevia’s Flamingo head-end captures and processes the streams provided by LicenseProof limited for distribution through the building’s coaxial network, in a format that is compatible with the TV screens selected by the hotel.

Prior to this project, the Flamingo head-ends had been used to add a few international channels to existing bouquets. Anevia and its partners now make it possible for hotels to offer 100% of the international channels through Cloud-based delivery, with a large portfolio of channels that come with the rights for the hospitality market.

“Thanks to Anevia’s Web TV technology and Cloud TV offer, high-end hotels can now differentiate their services with a richer channel plan that better meets the needs of their international guests,” says Laurent Lafarge, CEO of Anevia. “The feature can be activated on any of the thousands of Flamingo D4/D11 head-ends already deployed in Europe, the Middle East and beyond. So hotels that already use our Flamingo head-ends can now benefit from this new source of content without investing in new equipment.” 

“For our fourth Parisian property we renew our trust in Ela Hospitality and its partners to offer us the most suitable technical solution,” adds Emmanuel Sauvage, CEO of Evok Hotels Collection.

“Even when satellite dishes are allowed, adding new channels is often a complex task,” comments Loïc Langouët, Managing Director of Elan Hospitality. “We are thrilled to have found Anevia’s versatile solution that enables a high-quality offering of international channels, while doing away with unseemly satellite dishes. Thanks to the Web TV solution we have implemented, our customer can already benefit from 25 international channels. If our customer receives a delegation from a country that is not already covered, we can easily add more channels remotely – even for just a limited time period – thanks to Flamingo.”

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