Panasonic says the new displays offer extended operation in harsh conditions as well as providing bright, crisp, ultra-high resolution images.

The LQ70 series, capable of 24/7 operation, features a protective glass panel on the front of the display and an aluminium cabinet.

With high-impact and vibration resistance, they allow for safe, reliable use in places like transportation hubs and shopping centres where they are at risk of being knocked.

Portrait orientation is also possible without an uneven effect on the screen.

Panasonic marketing manager, Enrique Robledo says: “The LQ70 series produces extremely detailed, true-to-life images which benefits retail, transportation, control rooms and design applications.

“The resolution, durability and ease of installation make these displays a perfect solution for businesses looking to make a visual impact.”

The displays can up-convert non-4K sources to a higher level of image quality including moving images. 

Enrique also explains: “The new displays have the same screw holes and installation positions as previous Panasonic large-screen displays, so it’s easy to replace older displays with the latest, ultra-high definition, 4K technology.”


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