Panasonic’s range of short throw and portable projectors for the education and corporate markets continues to grow, with a whole new range offering up to 20,000 hours lamp life. Despite the long lifetime, these are still lamp-based projectors, which should mean they’re more affordable for projects where the budget may not stretch to accommodate a laser model.

The range begins with the short-throw PT-TW371R series which features four new models, each capable of creating an 80in image from just 75cm (PT-TX430/TX340) or 80cm (PT-TW371R/TW730). These are available in WXGA and XGA resolutions, with a brightness range of 3,200 to 3,800 lumens.

Panasonic sees the PT-TW371R series as ideal for smaller meeting rooms, as the short throw range eradicates the issue of presenter shadow. Those wishing to be interactive will also have the added benefit of using a lightpen and whiteboard mode with the top of the range PT-TW71R.

Getting Portable

Projects that require a bit more flexibility may benefit from one of Panasonic’s new portable projectors. Six new models make up the PT-LB425 series, and they’ve all been equipped with a 1.2x zoom lens, brightness levels between 3,100 to 4,100 lumens and a resolution of either WXGA or XGA.

A key feature of both the short throw and portable ranges is the improved lamp replacement cycle, which enables up to 20,000 hours of operation. This ensures a very low total cost of ownership and improves the reliability of the units. Filter life is also extended to 10,000 hours meaning maintenance is reduced to once every five to seven years depending on run time.

The projectors also include 16,000:1 of high contrast ratio in compact body, with a daylight view function which ensures optimum brightness even within brightly lit rooms.

“While we’ve seen a huge shift within the industry towards laser, there is still a section of the market where invisible lamp-based projectors make a lot of sense,” said Hartmut Kulessa, European marketing manager at Panasonic.

“Corporate and education spaces are really going to benefit from the increased reliability that up to 20,000 hours lamp life promises and the extended brightness of these projectors. It’s like getting laser reliability at lamp-based pricing.”

Both series are suitable for projection horizontally or vertically, with corner keystone correction and curved screen correction providing ultimate flexibility for the user to adapt the projectors to different environments.

The PT-TW371R and PT-LB425 series are available from December 2018.

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