As companies large and small look to improve their efficiency, communications and save energy, the work place is a growing opportunity for install companies.

Projects range from the simplest ‘huddle space’ solution for communicating with colleagues in other offices in the same country or around the globe and scale all the way up to all-encompassing systems taking in full blown video conferencing, energy saving automation systems and cross company signage for delivering important information and up-dates direct to employees.

Video conferencing systems can range from relatively in-expensive communications opportunities for individuals and small groups all the way up to large telepresence systems for large numbers to communicate meaningfully across large distances and time zones.

Other categories include multi-touch screens for interactive work experiences allowing workers to collaborate, share ideas and increase the flow of innovation across idea’s based businesses.

The Bring You Own Device or BYOD concept is also offering installers opportunities to allows workers to deliver presentations and share information via their own devices offering simple and universal ways to plug into an office’s AV and presentation equipment.

Lighting can also be a rich area to mine as companies become more aware of not only the energy saving opportunities intelligent lighting can offer, but also the productivity advantages of more sophisticated mood lighting which promotes well-being and worker efficiency.

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