Oblong Industries is introducing yet another update to its Mezzanine product line-up, with the company officially announcing Mezzanine Teamwork.

Mezzanine Teamwork is designed to bring high-performance collaboration into huddle spaces and compact meeting room environments. Its dual-screen configuration makes efficient use of wall space but sacrifices none of the power of the standard Mezzanine set up.

Mezzanine Teamwork spurs productivity by maintaining creative momentum and allowing rapid transitions between each collaborative phase. New Mezzanine enables teams to create and share in parallel, from any application, and from any location.

“At last, teams around the globe, in workspaces and meetings rooms of all sizes, will have access to true collaboration,” notes John Underkoffler, CEO of Oblong. “That means contributing interactively and in real time to a shared visual context – and a team that literally sees the same thing, in the same way, is ideally equipped to produce great content and make smart decisions.”

Oblong has been making a push into the EMEA region in recent years, and it hopes that its latest, more compact offering will be the key to its success.

“We’re thrilled to launch a new member of the Mezzanine family and open a crucial new market,” John concludes. “Mezzanine Teamwork is one more way we enable people throughout an organisation to be as creative, collaborative, and productive in the workplace as success in the twenty-first century requires.”

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