Nuovo Pignone is a technology company that specialised in oil and gas during the 1950s and is now recognised worldwide in the creation of oil and gas, aviation turbines, compressors and pumps.

Nuovo Pignone exports its machinery and its technologies worldwide under the ownership of GE Oil & Gas.

For the recent anniversary event the company revealed the latest, innovative turbine to be used in the next generation of gas and oil expeditions at the Stazione Leopolda in Firenze.

Highly influential members of the technology industry and members of the general public were invited to share this occasion, including K-array which supported the event organisers Media Cross to deliver an audio solution in the old station’s vast, complex space.

Architect Alessandro Rustighi for Mediacross, designed every detail of the project.

k-array Anakonda KAN200+ models supported the video projection in a large room used to exhibit the technical details of the new turbine.

Meanwhile, another room used two k-array KR402 speakers and a KO70 sub to support a separate projection.

The MM Group selected the K-array systems for their “easy, plug and play set up as well as the quality of sound to reduce the noise reverberation in this vast open venue”.

This technical show was created by the MMG Multimedia Meeting Group, which has recently joined the K-array family by investing in a number of portable and installation speakers for events such as these.

Several videos were created, including a futuristic holographic.

A particularly noteworthy video included a piece giving an overview of the history of GE Oil and Gas using modern postproduction effects and a video wall installation that worked as the lighting of the bar, capturing the attention with syncopated images of futuristic bulbs.

A KAN 200+ Anakonda, two KR402 and a KO70 supported this part of the exhibition, meanwhile the venue’s 300-seat auditorium used two KR402s and a KO70 as an additional sub.

“I want to congratulate GE Oil & Gas for the event, it was really well done and much appreciated by our employees who had the opportunity to attend so close to home,” comments Francesco Maffei, product manager, K-array.

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